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6/7  Make sure you come with your completed self and faculty evaluations on the correct forms on Tuesday.  I am still missing several Project links and craps links.  I am also missing several Portfolios.  I will be in my office (Lab 1, 1006) all day on Monday June 9, but will be very busy.  Here are the times again for the meetings on Tuesday  (9, Frank), (9:20 Brent), (9:30 Don), (9:40 Autumn), (10 Roby), (10:10 Jawahir), (10:30 Ethan), (10:40 Nathan), (10:50 Michael), (11 Evan), (11:20 Cynthia), (11:30 Marissa), (1 Lia), (1:30 Danielle), (2 Renae), (2:10 Aaron), (2:20 Sarah).    Please email me right away if you need to change times or are not on this list.

6/3  Make sure you bring your Math Portfolio to class on Thursday.  Remember we will be on a Mac for displaying your project in the morning, so be sure you are working from your webspace.  It should work fine on the Mac.  Also be sure to come on time to class on Thursday.  We have to get through all the presentations, so me will have to start on time.  We will finish the presentations in the afternoon in GC1.  Be SURE to sign up for an evaluation time on Tuesday June 10 before you leave on Thursday.  Come with your self and faculty evaluation to the meeting.  Be sure they are on the correct form. 

4/31  Let me give you some extra details on the schedule and tests for this coming week:  our last week.   On Monday we will have our final content exam for Computers.  This test will consist of selected questions from class we discussed the other day found on the website, and some questions directly or closely related to the textbook review questions.  It will be a couple of pages long and take about an hour.  After the exam, we will have review time for the Math Final the next day, or project work time.  After lunch we will have our last computer competency exam makeups and math/project work time.  Tuesday morning will be devoted to the Math Final.  This will consist of between 30 and 40 questions, about 5-7 from each chapter from 1-5 and our covered sections from chapters 6 and 7.   The best way to review is to start with the old exams.  Next, look at your portfolio, the problems set, and the answer keys posted on this website.  I will pull some questions directly from the old problems set, or closly related questions.  Travis will be available for tutoring on Monday from 2-6pm.  The exam will run from 9-11:30.  We will quit exactly at 11:30.   If you believe you will need more time, I will be in the GC1 at 8am and you can start early.  The ending time, however, is fixed.   We will not have class in the afternoon so you can "recover" and also work on your project presentation which will be all day on Thursday.  I will be available on Wednesday if you have questions. Also on Thursday you will sign up for a time for your evaluation which will take place on Tuesday, June 10, in my office (Lab 1, 1006). Be thinking about a time that works for you.  Please get back to me soon if you have any questions, as we are well into crunch time.  Good luck with all your last minute details.

4/29  The answers for Chapter 7.1 Trig are now posted under Math Sessions/Week 9: Tuesday.  Do as many of these problems as you need until you can correctly use Law of Sines and Cosines 

4/28  We will have our Computer Competency exam makeup on Thursday at 11 instead of in the afternoon.  That way we will have the computers in the lab in the afternoon.  Tomorrow we will look at the last of the PreAlg content:  Law of Cos and Sin.   Remember to start reviewing for the CS exam on Monday and the Math final on Tuesday of next week

4/27  I have posted the answer key for the Week 9 problems set (#1) under Math Sessions/Tuesday Week 9.  Check your work and come with questions to class on Thursday.  We will go over some extra Trig on Thursday as well, and have a Computer competency in the afternoon. 

4/26 (1)   We will be moving our Evaluation schedule from Monday to Tuesday, June 10.  I just will not have enough time to go through everything otherwise, since our Project Presentations will be Thursday of the last week of class.  Please keep Tuesday the 10th open, and you will sign up for a 10-20 minute block of time.  Sign up for 2 adjacent times if you want 20 minutes.  You will come with your self evaluation and faculty evaluation to the Evaluation, and I will give you my evaluation.  Then we will discuss.

4/22  Travis will change his tutoring hours next Tuesday from 5-7pm.  Please look at the To Do list to check on what to do for tomorrow and the weekend when you have time.  We will be doing an overview of Trig on Tuesday, and talking about what makes a computer fast. 

4/21(2)  If you are working on Craps the events version, check under Computer Sessions/Week 8 Thursday.  There are a couple of programs there, extensions of the TTT template, to get you going on the program.  One is about the events and buttons part, the other is a start on Graphics.  I will be extending the due date for this craps program to Thursday of next week.  You should have an email from me about your first Craps program.  Let me know if you are missing it. Also, make sure you read carefully the Chapter 14 and 16 sections of the CS book, and look at the program simulator on the website.  We will be playing with that tomorrow.

4/21  I have posted the answer key for the math homework under Math Sessions/Week 8: Monday.  Check your problems and correct them.  If you cannot figure out the steps from the key, make sure you email me before tomorrow and we will go over that problem in class, or after the test if it is not on the test.  We will go over the problems in 5.5 where you have 2 roots, like example 4 on page 229.  I will be posting a couple of hints for the Craps with Events program today. Check here for links. 

4/19  Our plate will be full enough this week without starting Trig, so we will only have homework for 5.3,5.4,5.5 and 6.1.   We will begin with 6.2 next Tuesday. 

4/18  Don't forget to look at the messages below for 4/14 and 4/16.   We are now down to the last 8 classes, so I can give you a more formal schedule of events.  Since I have only heard from a small handful of students wanting to do their presentations early, I think we will go ahead and have the last class, Thursday of Week 10, be devoted to project presentations.  That will give you all equal time to prepare.  Here is the current schedule (subject to change if necessary) for the last 3 weeks:  Mon,  the 19th,  Review and practice 5.3-5, and 6.1-2,  Review and practice computer competencies, Math workshop, How computers work:   Tues the 20th:  Finish Project presentations,  Project overview; work and help time,  Project ideas and sharing:   Thurs,  the 22nd:   Math Exam #7,  Go over exam,  Trig topics,  Computer simulations   Monday, the 26th:  No Class, Memorial Day   Tuesday, the 27th:  Trig overview,  Selected units form Ch 6 and 7,  Math workshop, Social Issues with Computers,  Project work time   Thursday, the 29th: Trig lecture and practice, Computer review,  Competencies exam   Monday, the 2nd:  Math Review and Exam prep, Computer Final Exam   Tuesday the 3rd:  Math Final Exam,  Project Prep   Thursday, the 5th:  Project Presentations

4/16  We are getting down to the last 3 weeks.  On monday we will spend a bit less time with questions in Math and use the time for doing more examples.  That will mean you will need to study carefully sections 5.3-5 and 6.1-2 before class.  We will also be doing some Math review in class.  We will go over the 2 Comp competencies on Monday as well.  We will have another test on these on Tuesday.  If you need some individual help on your Modeling project, let me know soon.  I will schedule extra time for this on a Wednesday or Friday.  I am still missing some Craps with Function links.

4/14(2)  I have posted the answer key for 4.3,4.4,5.1, and 5.2 on the website under Math Sessions/Week 7 Monday.  The files are not directly linked to word, so you will have to right click on the link and save them to your desktop and open them from word directly.  What a bother... Help each other or ask me if you are having trouble. Make sure you have Craps with Functions ready to turn in tomorrow.   We will have a math exam and a competency exam tomorrow.  What fun!  Bring your Portfolio.

4/14  Travis will not be in today for Math Tutoring.  I do not have the solution set yet to post for you, but hopefully I will be getting that shortly.  Keep working on the set and look for the key to be posted under Math Sessions/Week 7: Monday

5/9  I have downloaded the answer key for the homework set for 9.6,9.7,4.1, and 4.2 to Math Sessions/Week 6: Monday.   Be SURE to check your answers carefully and mark your corrections on your pages in your portfolio.  Come with questions you cannot figure out to class and we will go over them there, but without your efforts looking at the solutions first our classtime will be very inefficient.  Check and do the To Do list for this week, as always.  I still need some volunteers to present their Projects in Week 9.  Please see me on Monday if you can and want to do this. Otherwise we will have to trade our time around some.

5/7  I will not post the answers to the Math homework set until Friday morning.  We will have some class time to work on the problems, since some of you were busy with reviewing for the makeup.  We will cover sections 4.3 and 4.4 in class first thing on Thursday and then have some work time.  You will not have to turn in your Portfolios tomorrow.  Make sure you post your TTT program and email the link to Chuck and I.   Remember you have a status presentation on Tuesday for your Project.  Make sure you have some things done that you can present, and give and overview of where you are going from here. 

5/6  Make sure you post your TTT program to your webspace and email me and Chuck your link by Wednesday.  We will not have a test this Thursday, but bring your Portfolio to class.   We will have some catch-up time on Thursday in Math.  Make sure you talk to me if you can present your Modeling project on  Week 9.  You will be giving a progress report next week to the class.  Make sure you have some things done by then.

4/30(2) The answers for section 3.4 and 3.5 are now attached under Math Sessions/Week 5 Monday. Remember to correct your homework and show this work on your pages for the Portfolio. Bring your Portfolios on Thursday ready for turn-in. The test this week will have 8 "old" questions and 7 new questions from 3.4, 3.5, and Ch4 tools. We will have our first competency for reading and writing code on Thursday afternoon. Remember to practice.

4/30. I have just posted the answer key for the Ch 4 tools problems. I will post the key for sections 3.4 and 3.5 later in the day. They are attached under Math Sessions/Week 5 Monday

4/28 This Monday session was far too inefficient for Math. We will make some changes. On Thursday we will do a quick overview of the sections, and on Monday morning we will work out examples of ALL the sections together, hopefully with your help. This will leave the afternoon session for you to work on your own on the assigned problems. Hopefully you can look over all the questions and ask about just those you are confused about. You will also have a chance to make a dent in our work in class. Hopefully this will work out better. The math test this week will be 15 questions: 8 old and 7 new.

4/27 (2) Travis has the following math tutoring hours: Tuesday 3-5 Wednesday 2-4 (changed)
Thursday 10-12, 1-3. He will be adding Monday from 4-6pm, after class. I have heard that he is doing a great job, so take advantage of his help. Remember you have Quasr also with even more hours. Travis in just above the Quasr center in the Library, by the windows facing the square.

4/27 Make sure you check and complete all the items on the To Do list before Monday. I see that Marissa, Cynthia and Nathan have posted their research and opinions on the Seminar 2 forum. Make sure you have your submission in before Tuesday. We will have our Math Make-up exam for Chapters 1-3 next tuesday from 1-3. Make sure your Portfolio is up to date if you plan on taking this exam.

4/24 Check out the Forums on the links to the right and read the Seminar 2 Forum. Start to check websites and find 3 good ones. Make your entry before Tuesday. Include your name in the heading for your reply.

4/24 (2) I just posted an adendum to the answer key. It is the big 15 meg file because it is pictures. It has the answers for 3.2 numbers 31, 34, 39, and 40. Use the second file for all the other answers. Sorry about the mixup. Thanks for pointing out the problem, Cynthia

4/23 The Math answers for Week 4 are attached under Math Sessions/Week 4: Monday. Make sure you work out any problems you did incorrectly and satisfy yourself that you understand what went wrong. Travis or I will be available today to help with questions. Make sure you come with your portfolio tomorrow. Put the week in the top right corner of the page and double circle each problem number. It would be helpful to separate each section as well. Make sure you are making progress on your Tic Tac Toe. It will be due a week from this coming Tuesday. We will have competencies on both Reading and Writing Code next week, so practice both. Make sure you are preparing for your Modeling Problem presentation next week. Be sure to either show examples of your data or be VERY clear where and how you are getting it as well as what you will be predicting and where you will expand your project as time permits.

4/19 Again, make sure you check the To Do list and have Monday's assignments completed before Monday. Remember, you will just be skimming the CS book, Ch 11 and 13 for now, looking at if and while syntax. Do have the Ch 3 tools assignments done, and we will look at some other Tools examples before tackling sections 3.1-3.4. This week we will focus more on Computers. We will do the first 2 competencies of reading and writing programs. We will not have Seminar again this week in the traditional sense, but will focus this time on developing a strategy in groups for Tic Tac Toe. Make sure you are up to speed on your Modeling Project, especially your ability to get data and have multiple extensions and expansions of your project. Several folks will give their first presentation on Tuesday. We will turn in Portfolios this week, so make sure you have them up to date. You will be linking all your JavaScript programs in an online 'portfolio' also.

4/16 The Math homework answers have been posted. They are under Math Sessions/Week 3 Monday. Check and update your homework. Make sure you come with your Portfolio in class tomorrow. We will talk about 2.6 numbers 34 and 35 in class tomorrow, and they will not be part of the test. Travis will be available for tutoring more hours next week, and we will find some new times. Have some good times for you in mind. He will be on the tables just above the Qrasr center.

4/15 I am concerned about some of the Modeling projects as far as data is concerned. If you are not sure about your access to data, you really need a big push very soon to see what you can find or go with another topic. Our next presentation will be in 2 weeks, and at this point you should have your data, have a basic question or 2 you are going to model, and a series of extensions and other questions you will explore as time permits. Please do not let youself get behind. I can help you with a project idea in the next week, but after that it will really be too late. On the other hand, there were some very interesting ideas and presentations today. Please follow up with questions on the quadratic and exponential modeling concepts covered in class today.

4/14 I added some answers to the Chaper 2 Tools section. Check Math Sessions/Week 3 Monday and look for the attached file. Answers are for problems: 36,41,46,51,56, and 66.

4/13 (2) Be sure you are checking and completing all tasks on the To Do list prior to its due date. That includes assigned readings. We may have pop quizzes over the material in class.

4/13 (1) Most of you should have an email with your grades from the form letter and personal webpage. I am finishing up a couple more today. I am still missing a number of these. Please get the links to me by Wednesday if you want credit for these 2 assignments. You will email me the link for Change by Thursday of this coming week. Emails after this date will be late and lose value, but also will not be accepted after a week.

4/9 I am in the process of grading and emailing you back on your home page web assignment. The grades are plus, check, and minus, where check is the grade if you did what was required. I just posted the answers for the homework math problems for this week. The file is under Math Sessions/Week 2 Monday. Remember we still have the file name problem so you will have to save the Target as.. I will be collecting your Portfolios tomorrow. Have them ready. Please put 2 big circles around the assigned problem numbers (ie 24, 32, 38, 40 and 42 for 1.4) and separate each weeks assignments. You may have other problems you worked on other than the assigned problems. Also, show your corrections. Be finishing up your Form Letter program. You will have a chance to finish it up and ask some questions in class tomorrow, but not enough time to write it completely. We will also be working on our next program, Change. I have and will be online much of the evening, so IM me if you have homework or other questions.

4/5 I will be handing back your Math quiz on Monday. There was a very wide range of scores. Make an effort to match up with someone you can either help or get help from. We will talk more about getting help in class. Make sure you try and check several of the odd Exercise problems for Chapter 1.4-1.6 after reading and studying the examples carefully. Also, come with your personal website link to class and post it to your webspace. Then email me with the link to your site. Try to activate the link on your email. Make sure you express any concerns or issues you have during class.

4/1 Congrats on checking this page. Do it often. I have posted the answers to your homework under the Math Sessions/Week 1 Monday link. There is a problem with the file, as it appended a .txt to the file name. If you right click on the file and Save the target to your desktop you can rename it to a .doc file. I hope to get this glitch fixed soon. We will have our first math test tomorrow over this material. Be as ready as you can for it.

Please check this page every day or so. I will post communications to you on this page. Each will be dated. If you are gone for several days, make sure you scroll back through old messages.