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Week 8

By kennedyc
Created 2007-11-09 22:43

Can you believe it's week 8 already?

You have a lot on your plates. Here is what is expected this week:

Take your draft to the writing lab sometime this week. Call first to make an appointment - they are expecting us. They have lots of room for us on Wednesday and also during Prime Time in A dorm from 6-9. Take the assignment and when you are finished, write us a paragraph about what you did and what you got out of the session.

Monday - yoga at 12:30 in CRC 116

Tuesday - For the morning session, make sure to bring multiple drafts of your paper for peer review. DON'T MISS THIS CLASS!!! No matter what shape your draft is in. You need to be present not only for yourself, but for your colleagues who are relying on you for feedback.

We will also prepare you to finalize your paper.

Yoga during an extended lunch - from 1:30-2:30

Seminar - Pathways of Chance. It is not available for purchase, but is a downloadable file. As long as you are logged into the site, you can download it at the menu to the right.

Wednesday - yoga including some yoga homework for the break.

Thursday - be prepared to talk about your dream journals and Jung with our guest speaker, Stephen Fenwick.

What should you turn in on Thursday (at 2pm)?
1. The final draft of your prospectus:

a. The original
b. Copies with peer comments
c. Your feedback summary about how you used those comments
d. Your revised prospectus

2. Draft number 2 (or 3, or 4, or 5) of your paper

a. The original (from Tuesday)
b. Peer comments (signed)
c. The copy you worked on with the writing tutor with a one paragraph summary of what you worked on.
d. The newest draft (an any other copies you want to share with us)

Bind this altogether in a way that makes it easy for us read and comment on, but also to handle.


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