Preparing for End of Quarter Evaluations

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Prepare a portfolio with a minimum of the following:

  • Seminar preparation papers: Jung Part I, Odyseey, Soyinka (weeks 1,2,4)
  • Summary microtheme from the Odyssey
  • Detailed notes from your collected family story
  • Peer group meeting log (time, location, content covered)
  • All drafts of your paper including: first research proposal including question, topic and significance (week 5), all peer responses to prospectus and rough drafts, annotated bibliography, summary of experience with writing tutor, multiple copies of rough drafts. Basically, everything related to the final paper.
  • Reading workshops: handouts, notes, and in-class writing
  • Book notes, class notes, film notes, and any free-writing we did in class.
  • Note: you can go through our web site for more details.
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