Week 1

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What should you do Monday, while you're waiting for class to begin on Tuesday??? Monday is a work day for us, and we are an incredibly busy program with lots of high expectations. So, don't lose a whole day. Start reading now.... For more details, see the reading list:


Tuesday - First day of class is in Com 110 at 10 am. Make sure to attend as we will drop students who don't show up to make room for the many students who are on our wait list.

Wednesday - Film series: The Life of Carl Jung

Thursday - Yoga in the morning so wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Seminar assignment: Type out one question about the reading material which references a specific page number that motivated the question AND one statement which describes the most engaging concept you enountered in this first Part of the text.

Also, please bring simple art supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, markers, scotch tape etc. Bring extra for your friends.


Anyone that drives an Evergreen vehicle needs to have an Evergreen Use Permit. People that drive a 12 or 15 passenger van must also complete a van driving course. There will be a mass training on Wednesday September 26th at 1 pm in Lecture Hall 2. The training will last about an hour and will include both the motor pool policy training and the van driver training. Drivers need to bring their driver's license with them. Drivers can also come down to the Motor Pool office between 8 and noon and 1 to 4:30 to take the training.

To Subscribe to the restricted part of this website, please do the following in order:

1. Login using your Evergreen login and password. If you haven't done this yet, You can find the login link on the navigation bar to the left.

2. Click this Subscribe link to start using the site


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