Week 10

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Things to Remember:

- The final draft of your paper is due week 10, one week from the day it was handed back in week 9.

- Your Performative Presentations are due Tuesday morning. You need to work in groups of 3-5 students to prepare your final 12 minute (max) performative response of the quarter. The presentation should do at least the following:

- Showcase some important information from each person’s final paper of the quarter. What did you each learn from your research and how can you incorporate that into the presentation?
- In addition, integrate at least one idea from at LEAST one text we read this quarter – including Landmarks.


For the final, summary seminar on Tuesday, write a paragraph for each of the texts we read. Describe its overall thesis and principle theme(s). Also, please bring a quote from each of the texts that you feel strongly represents the most engaging aspect of the book. Treat each section of Landmarks as a separate book.


You will need to prepare your portfolio for public presentation on Thursday. Begin by collating your quarter's work in a 3-ring binder,. Remember to include everything you've done, including the learning goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the quarter, all notes you've taken, all papers, the Micro-Theme Summary, seminar questions and statements, etc. Please use section dividers to make your portfolio easy to navigate. Typical sections would include: Class Notes, Book Notes, Research Notes, All Papers (that you've gotten back so far), Learning Goals (from week 1), the List and Description of all your Peer Group meetings, and others that you feel would make the Portfolio more accessible.


Thursday afternoon we will go to the Computer Center so that you can work on your Self-Evaluation.


Remember to sign up for an evaluation conference time. The conferences will take place during Week 11.


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