Week 2

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Wonderning what's due when? READ ON...

This week in peer study group:

1. Finish Reading Workshop (from Tuesday) and bring written answers to next Tuesday's 10 am workshop

2. Prepare a summary of the Introduction to Homer on a 5 x 8 card. Follow directions on handout Terry gave out in seminar on Tuesday. Make sure to read evaluation criteria on the back. Due next Thursday, October 11.

As an individual:

1. Prepare seminar assignment for Thursday (see below)

2. Finish reading Homer to p. 271 for Thursday and the whole thing for next Tuesday, October 9

3. Hand in your 5x8 card on Thursday (see #2 above)

Ask Terry or Cynthia if you feel confused.


Tuesday - 10-1

Reading workshop - remember to bring

  • A copy of your favorite book
  • A copy of Jung and Homer (!)
  • Landmarks

We will also watch Part II of Yoga Unveiled

Wednesday - 10-12:30

Yoga in CRC 116. Please come a little early to check out a mat at Equipment Check out.

Yoga will last about 75 minutes and then we will watch the second part of the Jung series in the recital hall (COM 107)

Thursday - 10-1

Guest speaker: Joe Tougas

Seminar assignment: As last week, type out one question about the reading material which references a specific page number that motivated the question AND one statement which describes the most engaging concept you enountered in this first Part of the text.

Additionally, in written word, articulate one idea which shows at least one way in which Jung and Homer are deeply connected. Remember to use at least one quote/page number from each text to support your ideas.

Upcoming: Remember next Thursday, October 11, we will go to Aberdeen to sail aboard The Lady Washington and The Hawaiian Chieftain. Be prepared for foul weather. AAARRRGGHHH!




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