Week 3

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Returning to Port    10/11/2007Returning to Port 10/11/2007





What's happening week 3?

Tuesday 10-1

Bring these things with you to class:

1. Field Trip Waiver and Assumptions of Risks forms - filled out!

2. Homer AND Jung

3. Written answers to the rest of last week's reading workshop, How to Read a Text and your passage from the Take-Home assignment, Creating a Relationship with a Text.

We will have a reading workshop AND watch the rest of Yoga Unveiled.

NB: Van Drivers - be prepared to tell us you are qualified to drive!

Satya will pass out 5 X 8 cards.

Tuesday 2-5

Seminar on Homer

Wednesday 10-11:15

Yoga in CRC 116. Be prepared to enter the room at 10 am when Awareness is finished.

Wednesday 11:30-12:30

Guest Lecture in Recital Hall - Andrew Reece, Classicist. Our final formal conversation of Homer.

Thursday 10-5

Meet in parking lot C to board the bus. Be prepared to hand in your 5X8 card with a summary of the introduction to Homer on it.

We will travel to Aberdeen and board our two tall ships for a 3-hour sail. We should be back before the regular end of class time.

What to bring? Food! We'll be gone all day. Layered clothing, a hat, rain gear, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a camera if you want it. Leave behind - ipods, cell phones, umbrellas, high heels and LARGE jewelry.

Good news - we can bring our own snacks and back packs if we want. We just need to keep it clean.

For more information, check out the web site:


To check the weather: (put in Aberdeen, Washington)




FINALLY - Terry and Cynthia will choose and order texts for winter quarter by the end of week 4. Our themes are: Fall: The Awakening,
Winter: Carifying, Spring: The Pursuit. If you are interested in suggesting program texts, please do the following:

1. Type or write the title on a piece of paper complete with a rationale for why you think the text would fit in our program. Give it to one of us at or before the retreat.

2. If you can (not required) bring a hard copy of the text to the retreat for us to examine.

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