Week 5

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During Week 5 we will be encountering a great deal of material about Africa; books, a guest speaker, a dance workshop, and a powerful film.


Here is a great link with instruction on how to create an annotated bibliography. In general, this site, the On-Line Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue is the best source of information for how to create bibliographies (APA and MLA). Use it often! There are also style guides at the reference desk in the library, and in the writing center.


For each of your sources, you should use a paragraph format and summarize the source (briefly) as well as evaluate it. That will be enough.


Work with Soyinka

You should meet with your peer study group this week to review the text/play and to discuss the questions below. For Thursday of this week, each of you (as individuals) should prepare a typed response to THREE or more of the following questions:

1) What are the "Egungun" in this play? (Are they incarnations of something? Are they aspects of Human behavior that have been distilled, etc?).

2) To what ends do the Gods serve humans in this play? In general?

3) What are Archetypes and where do you see them at work in the play?

4) What is the effect of our "service" to the Gods (perhaps compare and contrast the Odyssey and this play)? Given your answer to the first part of this question, how then, do we "serve" a God.

5) Where are the critical moments in the play (decisions people make, things they overlook)?

6) What are your thoughts about the linguistic style of the play - what engaged you, why, what was made more powerful by the way it was communicated, etc?


Bookstore News

The bookstore will begin sending back books that are still on the shelf next week. This means if you haven't bought all your books, and want to buy them in our bookstore, you should read the message below from our book buyer:

Next week, we will begin returning USED BOOKS ONLY so please let your students know. The 7th week, we will begin returning NEW BOOKS. This also means that it's your last chance to get trade-in value for your books this quarter.


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