Week 9

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Here’s what’s happening as we wind down the quarter:

Tuesday – class as usual

Wed. am – yoga

Thursday a.m. – Gahu and a film (Les Maitres Fous) by Jean Rouch

Thursday p.m – seminar

Things to take note of:
- Final draft of your paper will be due week 10, one week from the day it was handed back in week 9.
- You need to work in groups of 3-5 students to prepare your final 12- minute (max) performative response of the quarter. The presentation should do at least the following:
o Showcase some information from each person’s final paper of the quarter. What did you each learn and how can you incorporate that into the presentation?
o In addition, integrate at least one idea from at LEAST one text we read this quarter – including Landmarks.

Next week you will need to prepare your portfolio for Thursday (week 10). You can begin collating your quarter's work in a 3-ring binder,. Remember to include the learning goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the quarter.

For the final, Summary Seminar on Tuesday, write a paragraph for each of the texts we read. Describe its overall thesis and principle theme(s). Also, please bring a quote from each of the texts that you feel strongly represents the most engaging aspect of the book.

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