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Week Six: On Tuesday, you spent the time playing with Invisible Cities, creating visual forms to express something about the cities. Crazy. The experiment was to "alter" pages from an existing text, torn out for your convenience. Bring your altered texts on Thursday. But, these will not be fodder for critique. Rather, you should also bring some part of your creatvie project for your group to read and discuss.

Week Five: Week five was focused on your thesis projects. You brought in notecards on Tuesday and played with those. On Thursday, you worked on your thesis papers with your peers, but only in your imagination because campus was closed. No Worksheet.

Week Four: Meghan joined us and presented some of her work and ideas about tranformation of texts. The experiment assignment was to perform a transformation on part of someone else's project and create visual representation of the transformation.
On Thursday, I projected this Week Four worksheet for you to begin with.

Week Three: On Tuesday, I talked for way too long about reading & codes & stuff and then turned what would have been your exercise into your Experiment assignment. Your experiment is to rewrite a short passage from Ondaatje's The Collected Works of Billy the Kid while changing one or several significant aspects of the form. The experiment should allow you to explore the grayish boundary zone between "form" and "content." Here is a pdf of the text I read in class (pp 17-18): from The Collected Works of Billy the Kid . So, bring your completed Experiments to class on Thursday for group critique. I'll have a short worksheet ready for you and some suggestions for critique...
Week three worksheet.

Week Two: In workshop, we discussed "Aboutness" and did "Exercises in Style" a la Raymond Queneau. Here is a link to the comic book I referenced: 99 Ways The Experiment Assignment for this week (due Thursday): Each of you came up with 3 conditions or constraints, of form and content. You fused your 3 with those of your project group. Each of you will write a piece that follows the prescribed conditions. Bring it on Thursday to discuss.
Week Two Worksheet / Tasks / What's Due.

Week One: Hand out from Tuesday —about critique; Thursday stuff (sample stories) only available on paper .