… W E E K   T H R E E




Seminar Notes and Papers (by 5:00, in mailboxes)

Math Write-up (by 5:00, in mailboxes)



            Group B: Essays (Draft + Self-Assessment + Revision)

W E E K   F O U R

M o n d a y


Seminar Notes

            Read first part of Mathematical Fiction Packet (see table of contents)

T u e s d a y


            Math Homework (online and e-mailed Thursday Evening)

W e d n e s d a y

Mathematics Exam begins at 10:00

T h u r s d a y

For Writing Workshop: Read “Narrative” Chapter from Literary Theory

For Seminar: Finish reading Mathematical Fiction Packet

(No Seminar Paper this week)

F r i d a y

All Synthesis Papers Due (Groups A & B) by 2:00 in faculty mailboxes