Optional Readings

Submitted by bowcuttf on Mon, 02/11/2008 - 2:30pm.
For Week 7 a copy of Schiebinger, "The Loves of Plants" is available through ARES and a copy of the Counterblaste to Tobacco by King James I of England (1604) is available at https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/dspace/bitstream/1794/759/1/tobacco.pdf

For Week 8 an optional reading on Maria Sibylla Merian from Davis' Women on the Margins is available through through ARES. As is "Did Women Have a Renaissance?" by Joan Kelly-Gadol. Both of these pieces support the lecture on Friday, February 29th. You might also find the selections from Cultures of Natural History interesting supplemental readings to the Brockway. All of these optional readings are available through ARES.