Case Study

Case Study in Languages: In this part of the program students will learn characteristics of specific languages and apply linguistic concepts to analyzing those. Each week, until students begin their own designed language project work, we will hear from a speaker or see a video about a particular language. There may be reading in preparation for this work, but the most important result will be your work on synthesis questions.

  1. Week 1, April 1. Designing a Language workshop.

  2. Week 2, April 8. Old English – How a (spoken) language that we know, changes over time.

  3. Week 3, April 15. Esperanto – Devising a universal natural language for human communication. Speaker: Ellen Eddy.

  4. Week 4, April 22. Klingon – a science fiction language. Speaker: Rich Yampell (aka Captain Krankor).

  5. Week 5 (april 29). Visual Programming Language Interface to MS Excel – making the language more formal helps users avoid errors. Speaker: Laura Beckwith, Microsoft Research.

  6. Week 6. Issues when Translating from Chinese to English. Speaker: Rose Jang, Member of the Evergreen Faculty.