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You will post your assignments here using the name of your language for the Subject.
Post your proposal (due Friday, 5/9, at noon) and the minutes of your meetings. Use the name you have invented for your language in the Subject box. In the minutes be sure to write your first and last names.
10201 year 24 weeks ago
by bwalter
Post your project plan (due before class on 5/20, the Tuesday of Week 8) and the minutes of your meetings. Put the name of your language in the Subject box. In your minutes be sure to write your first and last names.
12131 year 23 weeks ago
by willja07
Post your Project Status Report and all minutes of meetings. Put your language's name in the subject box and make sure that your first and last names are in the minutes.
12121 year 22 weeks ago
by dvojoh22
Post a draft of your project report (due before class on 5/27, the Tuesday of Week 9) and your minutes in the usual way.
771 year 21 weeks ago
by midnat25
This forum is for your final meeting minutes.
111 year 21 weeks ago
by satayu25
Please write about ideas, concepts, and/or problems you are working on in our program, and others will comment.
7141 year 20 weeks ago
by habjen14
47471 year 29 weeks ago
by waleli20
What does it mean to say that human brains are “hard wired” with the fundamental language tree, and why is this important to Devlin’s thesis that most people have the capacity to do mathematics? In your response, you need to paraphrase Devlin’s thesis.
121 year 29 weeks ago
by banmat19
For this essay assignment, you will be testing the most central of the notions that Lakoff presents: the ICM or Idealized Cognitive Models. We have conducted a test for prototype theory, by drawing a shoe and our concept of marriage very quickly in class. The tests we are requesting below are of a different sort, but tests nonetheless. Lakoff demonstrates the ICM by example – the nouns Tuesday and bachelor and the verb lie. You may choose one of the following approaches for your essay: a) Ask at least 4 friends your age or older these questions: • What is your definition of a lie? • Have you told any white lies recently? • What is your definition of a white lie? Report on your findings and compare the ICMs to those reported in Lakoff. On the basis of just 4 reports, can you determine a prototype for white lie? b) Explain the ICMs for another noun or verb based on your own thinking. This will necessarily be preliminary rather than an exhaustive account.
17171 year 20 weeks ago
by walmat28
Lakoff writes, on page 302, “Meaningfulness involves not merely mental structures, but the structuring of experience itself.” Explain this idea using your own understanding of his argument and drawing on at least one illustrative example from chapter 17.
17171 year 20 weeks ago
by yeuviv29
The seminar reading for this week describes three languages: Hopper’s subroutine libraries (not really a language – more of a protolanguage!), Backus’ FORTRAN, and Kurtz (and Kemeny)’s BASIC. Each author had reasons for writing those languages, as well as certain constraints on the design and implementation. Describe first the motivation for each language, then the constraints. Also, mistakes were made in both design and implementation. What did the authors and the community learn from the experience of implementing these languages?
17171 year 21 weeks ago
by rudjos08
Discuss the language described as Babel 17 in the context of the Whorf-Sapir Hypothesis and Lakoff’s experientialist approach to meaning. Give at least one reason Babel 17 could have its properties and one reason explaining why it could not.
17171 year 20 weeks ago
by walmat28
In chapter 3 (“The Flesh of Language“) of Spell of the Sensuous, Abrams writes, Ultimately, then, it is not the human body alone but rather the whole of the sensuous world that provides the deep structure of language. (p. 85). Read chapter 4, "Animism and the Alphabet" and discuss his argument. Use the following questions to guide your essay: What, in your own words, is the deep structure of language that Abrams refers to? What is Abram’s argument about the role of language in the separation that has occurred between humans and the sensuous world? Support or reject his argument by drawing on what you have learned so far in linguistics about language structure, categorization, and Lakoff’s ICMs. Focus on at least 2 major points that Abrams makes in your analysis.
15151 year 20 weeks ago
by walmat28
Abrams writes on p. 181: Stories hold, in their narrative layers, the sedimented knowledge accumulated by our progenitors. This metaphor of stories holding knowledge in the same way that layers of sediment accumulate contains his argument about the ways in which oral cultures perceive the world. In chapters 5 and 6 he provides evidence from several cultures. Explain at least two pieces of evidence which you find particularly strong or weak and create your own response to Abram’s argument. You will need to restate Abram’s argument in your own words as part of your work.
10101 year 21 weeks ago
by rudjos08