Please Note: From time to time I will notify you of articles of note.  Here is a long, but very informative story from the New Yorker on Pirahã:

And here is the URL for Cracking the Maya Code, a PBS program that helps you understand the amazing writing system of the Maya:

Radio News on Esperanto in China: (May 11):

Birdbrain: An article from the New Yorker on Alex, the famous parrot trained by Irene Pepperberg.

Boston slang: Here's an article about words used mostly in Boston (and some that are no longer in use):

Week 10, Monday June 2: Final Exam!  Review your tree structures.  Here are some sentences to practice:

  1. The dog chased the truck down the street. (Note that the tree includes the AUX so that past tense can be noted. This is not required)
  2. A leader should avoid an international crisis. (Note that "should" is an AUX)
  3. The psychic knows if the contestant will winn the game. (Note that "will" is an AUX)

Trees for these sentences are attached below in Practice Sentences 1


Week 9, Wed. May 28: Read chapter 10, Language in Society.  Work on understanding linguistic concepts and linguistic analysis.  The handout to review for the exam is attached below. 

Week 8, Wed. May 21: Do exercises for Language Acquisition, which we covered May 14: pp 358-362: #4, #5, #7.  Read chapter 9 on Langauge Processing.  We will also review concepts we've discussed earlier in the quarter. Please bring any questions you might have.

Week 7, Wed. May 14: Do exercises for Phonology, which we covered May 7: pp. 301-3, #5 & #10.  Also read chapter 8 on Language Acquisition.

Your Mid-Term Exam is due Monday, 1:00.  Please finish it over the weekend and email it if you can't come to class.  You can find an electronic way to make trees in our General Discussion Foroum thanks to Amelia. 

Week 6, Wed. May 7: Read Phonology chapter (ch 7). Do exercises for Phonetics pp. 251-253: #3, 4, 8, 12.  Make sure you do Phonetics exercises, not Phonology. 

 Week 5, Wed. April 30: Read Phonetics chapter (ch 6); Do exercises for Semantics #2, 4, 8, 19.

Examples from Brian's Semantics lecture, Wed. April 23 are attached below. 

Week 4, Wed. April 23: Read Semantics chapter (ch 5). Do exercises for Syntax: #2 p.163; #7 (If you missed class, do a-l. If you were in class, do e-l.); #8.

Week 3, Wed. April 16: Read Syntax chapter (ch.4).  Do exercises for Morphology: # 8 & 9 on pp 109-110.

Week 2, Wed. April 9:  Read Morphology chapter (chapter 3); review chapters 1 & 2 with your notes from our first class.  Do the following exercises and be prepared to submit them after some discussion on Wednesday:  Chapter 1: #1 p. 31; #3-4 p. 32; #8 p. 33; #14 p. 34.  Chapter 2: Ex. 5 p. 65; Ex 12 p. 66; Ex 13 p. 67.

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