Lecture Notes

1. Week 1: Introduction to the program (Julia Zay)

2. Week 2: Foucault in Context (Julia Zay)

3. Week 3 Gym: Lecture on Foucault and "discourse" (Julia Zay)

4. Week 3 Circus: Foucault and de Lauretis, "The Technology of Gender" (Julia Zay)

5. Week 4 Revue: Experimental Critical Writing Workshop (Julia Zay)

6. Week 6 Revue: Brecht and Film Lecture (by disappearing guest lecturer Irene Gustafson)

7. Week 7 Circus: The Techno-Utopian Body, pt. 1: From Robot to Cyborg (Julia Zay) LECTURE

8. Week 7 Circus: PRESENTATION (images) JZ

9. Week 8 Circus:  The Techno-Utopian Body, pt. 2: Celebrity as Cyborg/Afrofuturism (Julia Zay) LECTURE

10. Week 8 Circus: PRESENTATION (images) JZ 

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