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By julia zay
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WEEK 3: de Lauretis, Teresa. "The Technology of Gender," in Technologies of Gender [1]. Indiana University Press, 1987. [large file--download w/ fast connection]

WEEK 3: Holmlund, Christine. “Visible Difference and Flex Appeal: The Body, Sex, Sexuality, and Race in the ‘Pumping Iron’ Films,” from Impossible Bodies: Femininity and Masculinity at the Movies [2]. Routledge, 2001.

WEEK 4: Bornstein, Kate. My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely [3]. Routledge, 1998. ["Welcome to Your Gender Workbook," "Solving the Gender Puzzle," and "Who's On Top?"]

WEEK 4: Butler, Judith. "Bodies That Matter," from The Body: A Reader [4]. Routledge, 2005.

WEEK 4: Kotz, Liz. "The Body You Want: Liz Kotz Interviews Judith Butler," Artforum [5], November 1992. [This article is available in lo-res (750 kb) or hi-res (9.5 mb!) PDFs.]

WEEK 4: Zay, Julia. "The Paper Suit" (1996).

WEEK 5: Orgel, Stephen. Impersonations: The Performance of Gender in Shakespeare's England [6]. Cambridge University Press, 1996. [Preface+Chapter 1, Chapters 2+3, Chapter 5 in two parts.]

WEEK 5: Stallybrass, Peter. "Worn Worlds," from The Yale Review [7], April 1993.

WEEK 6: Brecht, Bertolt. Brecht on Theatre: The Development of An Aesthetic [8]. Ed. John Willett. Hill and Wang, 1964. [Several essays in two parts.]

WEEK 7: Gonzalez, Jennifer. "Envisioning Cyborg Bodies: Notes from Current Research," from The Cyborg Handbook [9]. Routledge, 1995. [Lo-res or hi-res. Hi-res is recommended!]

WEEK 7: Grosz, Elizabeth. "Bodies-Cities" in Space, Time, and Perversion: Essays on the Politics of Bodies [10]. Routledge, 1995.

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WEEK 7: Huyssen, Andreas. "The Vamp and the Machine: Technology and Sexuality in Fritz Lang's Metropolis" Andreas Huyssen, New German Critique [11], No. 24/25, Special Double Issue on New German Cinema. (Autumn, 1981 - Winter, 1982), pp. 221-237.

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WEEK 8: Mercer, Kobena. "Monster Metaphors: Notes on Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'" from Welcome to the Jungle: New Positions in Black Cultural Studies [13]. Routledge, 1994.

WEEK 8: Quiroga, Jose. "Latino Dolls" from Tropics of Desire: Interventions from Queer Latino America [14]. New York University Press, 2000.

WEEK 8: OPTIONAL Auslander, Philip. "Performance Analysis and Popular Music: A Manifesto," Contemporary Theatre Review [15], Vol. 14(1), 2004, 1–13.

WEEK 8: OPTIONAL Orlan. "'I Do Not Want to Look Like...'" from The Body: A Reader [16]. Routledge, 2005.

WEEK 8: OPTIONAL Rault, Jasmine. "Orlan and the Limits of Materialization [17]." York University Journal of Social and Political Thought, June 2000. [This is ONLINE and not a PDF!]

WEEK 8: OPTIONAL Shaviro, Steven. "Supa Dupa Fly: Black Women As Cyborgs in Hiphop Videos," Quarterly Review of Film and Video [18] 22 (2005). [Thanks to Spencer for pointing us to this.]


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