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Winter Quarter Syllabus

By christine
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•••Fashioning the Body: Versions of the Citizen, the Self and the Subject ••••• Winter 2008

• Elizabeth Williamson • Office Hours: Wednesday 12-1 and by appt.
• Julia Zay • Office Hours: Wednesday 12-1 and by appt.


We expect all students to read Evergreen’s Social Contract—“A Guide for Civility and Individual Freedom” and to follow it. http://www.evergreen.edu/about/social.htm [1]

In order to earn full credit for winter quarter, in addition to completing all program work, we expect you to:
1) Attend all class sessions, except in case of family emergency or illness—regular attendance problems, including tardiness, will be reflected in your evaluation.
2) Complete all assignments in a timely fashion
3) Communicate regularly with faculty about problems that may be hindering your learning.
4) Complete a self-evaluation and revise it at least once. Eval forms here: https://my.evergreen.edu/home [2]


All assignments are required in order to earn full credit for winter quarter. We reserve the right to ask you to revise them at any time.

1. Group syllabus and agreement (2 credits): Due Thursday Week 1.

2. Personal Manifesto + Artist statement (2 credits): Due Wednesday Week 4 (manifesto) + Wednesday Week 6 (draft of artist statement) + Thursday Week 8 (Final Artist Statement)
Part of being a professional artist or scholar is learning how to represent your work in a compelling, efficient manner for a public audience. We’ll be asking you to write a manifesto early in the quarter and revise it for the online conference as an artist statement. More details on this TBA.

2.5. Week 4 Progress Report: Due Thursday Week 4 (31 Jan)

3. Project (10 credits): Due Week 8
By the time you begin winter quarter, this project should have been thoroughly vetted by your faculty and your peers. You yourself will help determine the criteria by which it will be evaluated. Faculty will expect you to be able to demonstrate regular progress, and to keep us apprised of any major challenges you encounter.

4. Written Feedback on the work of your peers (2 credits): Draft due Tuesday Week 9, final due Tuesday Week 10.
This will include several informal postings as part of the online conference, as well as a formal response to the work of one of your group members. You will choose which group member’s work you’d like to write about. Make your choice wisely, as soon as you have a good sense of it. It will help you to take particularly good notes on that peer’s work throughout the quarter and to interview them or meet with them to talk in more depth about their work. More details on this TBA.


Your critique group will meet twice per week, once on Tuesday, once on Thursday, on the days and at the places listed below. Faculty will attend your meetings periodically (usually at least once per week). You must meet on campus and during the times specified, unless you notify us of an alternate plan with a clear rationale.

Tuesday and Thursday 10 am - 12pm: D3107 (Group 1), D3109 (Group 3)
Tuesday and Thursday 1-3pm: Com 310 (Group 2)
Tuesday 10-12: D2109 and Thursday 1-3: Library 2708 (Group 4)

1. Celia, Christine, Ella, Emily H., Jess, Theodora, Spencer. [Reporter/Liason=SPENCER]
2. Jenny, iea, Sandra, Ben, Connor, Emily I. [Reporter/Liason=iea (wk 1-2) + BEN]
3. Blythe, Melissa, Maria, Kendall, Annette, Allison, Candice [Reporter/Liason=KENDALL]
4. Emily B., Molly, Marie, Kathleen, Matt [Reporter/Liason=EMILY B. (Molly is backup)]

>Most Wednesday mornings from 10am-1pm in Sem 2, C1105. This time will be devoted to faculty presentations, guest artist presentations, and program business. We will cancel class on Wednesday morning for special events, including Saturday class sessions.

>Our program is affiliated with Evergreen Presents, an arts and politics lecture series that meets on Saturdays from 4-6pm in E1105. You may choose to attend all of the events. We are requiring attendance at only the sessions listed on the syllabus (see below).


WEEK 1: Wednesday, 1/9 10am-12pm: Program potluck in the Cedar Room in the Longhouse.

WEEK 3: Tuesday, 1/22, 11am-1pm: Diversity Series Event: Rosalind Bell’s “New Orleans Monologues” [3] at the Tacoma Campus (Live broadcast in LH 1). [REQUIRED]

WEEK 3: Thursday, 1/24, 7pm, Com Bldg. Experimental Theater: “Mosca and the Meaning of Life,” [4] a collaboration between animator Christine Panushka [5] and Performer/Writer Beto Araiza [6]. There may also be an opportunity for students to participate in a staged reading of Araiza’s “Biting the Pillow” on Friday, 1/25. Details to follow.

WEEK 5: Friday, 2/8, and WEEK 6: Wednesday, 2/13: Day of Absence & Day of Presence. Details to follow.

WEEK 8: Wednesday, 2/27, 6:30-8:30pm: E. Patrick Johnson [7], Performance of "Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell the Tales [8]" North Creek Events Center, UW Bothell.

WEEK 8: Thursday, 2/28, 3:30-5:30pm: "Performance as Method: Ethnography, Cultural Studies, and Performance Praxis" Communications 226, UW Seattle.
E. Patrick Johnson (Performance Studies, Northwestern University) will lecture as part of the Cultural Studies Praxis Collective/New Formations of Cultural Studies [9] exploration of the theme: "ethnography, text, and performance." Sponsored by the Simpson Center for the Humanities.


>Week 1 :

Tuesday, 1/8
Critique group meetings

Wednesday 1/9
Program Potluck (10am - Cedar Room, Longhouse)

Thursday, 1/10
Critique group meetings ** Group Syllabus and Agreement/Covenant Due to Elizabeth's mailbox (1 copy per group)

Saturday, 1/12
Evergreen Presents: Jessica Balsam [10], Marc Dombroski [11], Shawn Landis [12](4pm – Sem 2, E1105)

>Week 2 :

Tuesday, 1/15
Critique group meetings


Thursday, 1/17
Critique group meetings

Saturday, 1/19
Evergreen Presents: Filmmaker Irene Gustafson [13] and her new work Incoming Messages (4 pm -- E1105)

>Week 3 :

Tuesday, 1/22
Critique group meetings
** Note Schedule change: Morning groups will meet from 9-11. All groups are required to attend the Diversity Series broadcast in LH1 from 11-1

Wednesday 1/23
Faculty presentations (10am -- C1105) [Elizabeth]

Thursday, 1/24
Critique group meetings
** OPTIONAL EVENT, 7pm: “Mosca and the Meaning of Life” [14] multimedia performance with animation. Experimental Theater, Communications Building.

>Week 4 :

Tuesday, 1/29
Critique group meetings

Wednesday 1/30
Faculty presentations (10am - C1105) [Elizabeth]

Thursday, 1/31
Critique group meetings **Mid-project progress report AND
** Personal Manifesto Due due to faculty (by EMAIL)

>Week 5 :

Tuesday, 2/5
Critique group meetings

Wednesday 2/6
Faculty presentations (10am - C1105) [Julia]

Thursday, 2/7
Critique group meetings

Friday, 2/8 ** Day of Absence, events TBA

>Week 6 :

Tuesday, 2/12
Critique group meetings

Wednesday, 2/13: <<NO WEDNESDAY MEETING>>
** Day of Presence, events TBA

** Draft of artist’s statement due BY EMAIL

Thursday, 2/14
Critique group meetings

Saturday, 2/16
Evergreen Presents:
Filmmaker and Evergreen faculty Ruth Hayes [15] (4pm - E1105)

>Week 7 :

Tuesday, 2/19
Critique group meetings

Wednesday 2/20
Faculty presentations (C1105) [Julia]

Thursday, 2/21
Critique group meetings

>Week 8 : *All online conference material + final draft of artist’s statement due to Christine THURS!

Tuesday, 2/26
Critique group meetings: critique final projects

Wednesday 2/27
Faculty presentations (10am - C1105) [Julia]

**OPTIONAL EVENT 6:30-8:30: "Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell the Tales [16]" by E. Patrick Johnson [17]. UW Bothell, North Creek Events Center

Thursday, 2/28
Critique group meetings: critique final projects

WEEKS 9 – 10 : Online Conference and Presentations

>Week 9 :

Tuesday, 3/4
Critique group meetings: Workshop peer response essays
** Begin blog posts on conference site


Thursday, 3/6
Critique group meetings: Workshop peer response essays

Saturday, 3/8
Evergreen Presents:
Photographers Matt Hamon [18] (Evergreen Faculty) and Jeffrey Silverthorne [19] (4pm - E1105)

>Week 10 :

Tuesday, 3/11
Student Presentations ** Peer responses due to faculty
BY EMAIL and to Christine for web posting

Wednesday 3/12
Student Presentations

Thursday, 3/13
Student Presentations and Final Potluck
** Portfolio (required for evaluation) due

Saturday, 3/15
Evergreen Presents:
Filmmaker and Evergreen faculty Beatriz Flores Gutiérrez [20] (4pm - E1105)

ADDENDUM: You may also choose to affiliate across groups informally. These are only suggestions; they’re yours to form and organize.

>Photo Group
>Writers Group/s (creative; critical/scholarly)
>Graphic Design/Print Production Group

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