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Here's place to put interesting links you might come across.

Here is Michael Ventura's essay on the history of rock 'n roll, Hear that Long Snake Moan:

This is the NY Times column that appeared on David Halberstam's death--(SUSAN)

I found this source through our library--a link with many links--eclectic and useful.(SUSAN)

Film History of the 1950s. I found this and thought people may enjoy it. (Sara Abbott)

Not quite the 50's but it follows some themes... NY Times interractive fold-in comics at the end of old MAD magazines. There are some pretty great political commentaries of Nixon and the Presidential race in there. (Hannah M.)

This is an editorial that appeared in the April 28 Tacoma News Tribune--all about James Lawson:

Article from Common Dreams about current media manipulations, with Ike's words ringing today...interesting layering of political history. (Whitney Bard)