Foundations of Health Science

Fall Quarter Assignments

Be certain to check the schedule page to find specific assignment due dates.

Research Project...For this independent assignment you will select a topic of interest that incorporates science (biology and/or chemistry) and medicine. You will research that topic and present your findings, in poster format, at the program poster symposium during week ten of the quarter. (Assignment Description)

Statement of Research Topic (week 2)
Annotated Bibliography (week 5)
Practice Abstract from Living Downstream (week 7)
Abstract (week 8)
Updated Annotated Bibliography (week 8)
Revised Abstract & Additional Readings (week 9)(format guidelines)
Poster Presentation (week 10)

From the Laboratory...
Hands-on laboratory work is essential to achieve an understanding of science. All experiments will be posted to the web and it is your responsibility to print out, read, complete the prelab assignment, and bring the packet to your lab session. Safety in the lab is important to us. All students must complete the laboratory safety session and the laboratory safety quiz to work in the lab setting. A copy of the laboratory safety manual can be found online.

Prelab check-off for "Looking at Chemicals" (week 2)
Prelab check-off for "Radish Seed" (week 2)
Prelab check-off for "Popping Corn" (week 3)
Prelab check-off for "Chemical Sleuthing" (week 3)
Prelab check-off for "Microscopy and Mitosis" (week 4)
Prelab check-off for "Investigating Gases" (week 5)
Prelab check-off for "Diffusion and Osmosis" (week 5)
Prelab check-off for "Cigarette Smoke" (week 6)
Prelab check-off for "Radioactivity" (week 9)
Prelab check-off for "Mutagenesis" (week 9)

Lab packet for "Looking at Chemicals" (week 2 to Rebecca)
Lab packet for "Radish Seed" (week 3 to Ben)
Lab packet for "Chemical Sleuthing" (week 3 to Rebecca)
Lab packet for "Microscopy and Mitosis" (week 4 to Ben)
Lab packet for "Popping Corn" (week 4 to Rebecca)
Lab packet for "Investigating Gases" (week 5 to Rebecca)
Lab packet for "Diffusion and Osmosis" (week 5 to Ben)
Lab packet for "Cigarette Smoke" (week 7 to Rebecca)
Lab packet for "Radioactivity" (week 9 to Rebecca)
Lab packet for "Mutagenesis" (week 9 to Ben)

From Seminar... During fall quarter we will be reading, reflecting on, and discussing several texts in our exploration of both medical ethics and cancer. Seminar is a cornerstone of your Evergreen education. To get the most out of this experience, you must complete the readings and assignments well before seminar and bring a copy of the reading to seminar. An assignment will be due every week. Be sure to read each assignment description carefully. (Assignment descriptions are linked below.)

Week 1: "Did MAb in the tragic trial overstimulate the immune system?"
Week 2: New Perspectives in Healthcare Ethics--chpts 1 & 5
Week 3: Not Now, I'm Having a No Hair Day
Week 5: New Perspectives in Healthcare Ethics--chpt 11
Week 6: Should I be Tested for Cancer? Maybe not and Here's Why--chpts 1-6
Week 7: Should I be Tested for Cancer? Maybe not and Here's Why--chpts 7-10
Week 8: Peer Review Workshop of Research Abstracts
Week 9: Living Downstream

Ethics in Medicine...In addition to seminar discussions exploring topics of medical ethics, you will be working with a group of students to design and implement a laboratory experiment that involves human subjects.  The experiment will take place during weeks six and seven of fall quarter.  To be ready for completing the experiment your group will also be preparing and submitting a proposal to the Human Subjects Review Board. (assignment description)  

Individual Experimental Ideas (week 1)
Group Experiment (week 2)
Human Subject Review Individual Answers (week 3)
Group Human Subject Review Proposal (week 4)--Submit two copies
Prelab to indicate readiness for experimental work (week 6)
Experiment write-up (week 9)(submission specifics)(group evaluation form)

From Lecture and Workshop...For fall quarter we will be exploring the topic of cancer through the eyes of chemistry and biology. Weekly workshops and lectures will provide you opportunities to strengthen your knowledge depth for general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, some biology, some biology, and some biology.

Biology Quizzes Tuesdays (weeks: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8)
Biology Quizzes Thursday (weeks: 3, 5, 9)
Exam # 1(weeks 4)(wk4 chem review)(wk4 bio review)
Mini-Exam (week 7)(bio review)(chem review)
Final Exam (week 10) (chem review)(bio review)
Chemistry Online Homework (weeks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Body World 3--field trip assignment (week 3)
Guest Speaker Questions (postponed)
Week 4 Cancer Case Study (reading 1)(reading 2)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center--field trip assignment (week 7)
Abstract Writing Workshop (week 6/7)


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