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Week 9 Assignments:

Reading  and Final Essay- Read the short excerpt from A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman, and the two poems about light.  Both are attached under "Readings."   Select a significant quote from the Ackerman excerpt to discuss in relation to Chapters 11 and 12 from CTL.   Use this essay to reflect upon what has been the most intriguing and significant new insight(s) you gained this quarter in your study of light.  Be sure to cite the page number(s) of the quote you select from Ackerman, and of any quotes you use from CTL. This essay should be two pages in length, double spaced.  Use Times New Roman 12 point font.  Due , Monday, Dec.3,  Week 10.     

Final Projects - Complete work on your individual projects this week and prepare your oral presentation.  Note the Final Presentation Schedule and room assignments. 

Self Evaluation Draft - Following the Self-Evaluation Workshop on Tuesday, write a draft of your Self-Evaluation and bring it to class for peer review on Monday, Week 10.  For help, see on-line resources and the attached Evaluation Handouts below. 

Week 8 Assignments:
Download the assignment titled "Week 8 Project Progress Homework Assignment", complete and bring to class on Wednesday of Week 8. It will be collected in class.

Week 7 Assignments:
Down load the assingment titled "week 7 science homeowrk", complete and bring to class on Wednesday of week 7. It will be collected.

Print off the "Photograms Part 2" attached below, read it, and bring it to class in the studio on Tuesday.  Also bring materials for making photograms (small objects, cut paper stencils, magazine images, old negatives), and if you choose, a pinhole camera.        

Bring also to class on Tuesday 1-2 sheets of pastel paper and your pastels.  We will be doing work in color as well as the photograms workshop.

Drawing Skills Homework - Read the directions for the homework attached below.  Due Tuesday, week 8.

Week 6 Assignments:
Seattle Art Museum Homework - Please read carefully the directions attached below for the Image Analysis assignment, due Tuesday, Week 7, Nov. 6.

Week 5 Assignments:
Drawing Skills Homework - Read carefully the directions attached below ("Drawing Skills Homework, week 5"). Due Tuesday, Week 6, Oct.30 in the studio before our fieldtrip departure.

Week 4 Assignments:
Drawing Skills Homework -Please read carefully the directions for the homework assignment attached below ("Drawing Skills Homework- week 4"). Due Tuesday, Week 5, Oct. 23.

Complete "Light Around the World" assignment (see attached instructions below) and email your portion of the slide talk to no later than 2:00 Friday, Oct. 19.

Individual Project Studio Work - Create the first group of images/pieces exploring visually your project topic. If doing drawings, you should aim for 2-3 finished images/week. If you are doing photographs, 5-6/week. If you are making sculptures, you should aim for 1 or more/week. (These are general guidelines). Present your first group of works at your mid-quarter conference Week 5.

Download Week 5 Science Homeowrk. It is due Week 6, Wednesday.

Be sure to complete your pre-lab assignment (group B) before you come to lab on Thursday.

Week 3 Assignments:
For Lab II (weeks 3 and 4) there is a pre-lab assignemnt. Please download it ("homework on lab safety") and complete before coming to lab. You will not be allowed in lab otherwise.

Light Around the World Project: Please read the attachment below carefully and begin working on Tuesday in your assigned groups on this project. Due Monday, Week 5, Oct. 22nd.

Proposal for Individual Project: Due Monday, Week 4, Oct. 15th. Please read the attachment below and follow the proposal guidelines carefully.

Revise your "Experience of Light" Essay. Due Monday, Week 4, Oct. 15th

Drawing Skills Homework: Please read the attachment below.

Week 2 Assignments:
Please download the Science Homework Assignment titled "Weeks 1-2 Properties of light". It is due in class on Wednesday of week 3.

Please download the Studio Project 2 (due Monday of week 3) assignment and the Drawing Skills Homework assignment (due Tuesday of Week 3).

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