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By bopegedd
Created 2007-09-18 10:42

You can download all your labs from this page. Please print and bring to class. Without it you cannot be in the lab. 

Lab I -  download "Weeks 1-2 Propertis of Light"

Lab II - download "homework on lab safety" (due at the start of lab) and "Weeks 3-4 Absorption Spectroscopy Lab"

Lab III - download "Week 3 - Emission Spectroscopy"

Lab IV - download "Lab 4 - Chromatography and Tie-dye"

Lab IV Chromatography and tie dye.doc [1]30 KB
Lab 3 Emission Spectroscopy.doc [2]43.5 KB
Weeks 3-4 Absorption Spectroscopy lab.doc [3]65.5 KB
homework on lab safety.doc [4]38 KB
weeks 1-2 lab - properties of light.pdf [5]169.96 KB

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