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You will reply to this forum giving everyone in the community some informaion about yourself. Please include your academic background, interests, special abilities, skills, and career goals. What education or experiences have you had relating to math, compuers, and physics? Why are you taking this program? In the second part of your reply, tell others how you plan to study for this program. Include the times, places, and prefered study styles. After you write and post your information, read all the other entries and respond to several. The goal is for you to form study groups via this process. INCLUDE YOUR CLASS EMAIL AT THE END OF YOUR MESSAGE
411252 years 5 days ago
by vanetta
Post a question here about one of the programming projects. If you know the answer, reply to the question. I will monitor this forum to see who is helping out, and comment on this in your evaluations if it is significant, but hopefully you will enjoy and learn from helping as well.
111 year 48 weeks ago
by trojef13
Each person should make an entry describing the job they want to have in 5-10 years, what they will be doing in this job, how the job has changed in the last 10 years due to computers and automation. Then tell why you think the job will be still in demand in 5-10 years. Also, name the job you believe will be the least likely to be affected by computers in 10 years and why you beleive this
26332 years 2 weeks ago
by schmar27
Read Carefully the outline of the topic under the Semenar Link, Week 5. Read the attached file carefully Before Monday, each person should make an entry (about one page long) to the Forum making a statement and explaining in detail his or her belief. Maybe other people have had the same idea or belief before you. Feel free to research, read scientific articles and make references in your essay. Attached under the Seminar Link, you will find examples of beliefs from other members of the scientific community.
22242 years 2 days ago
by gadeam
Read the outline on the Seminar link. Post your 2-3 page entry here before Monday. Read and make replies to other entries. Come prepared to discuss on Monday.
14141 year 51 weeks ago
by britri17
You will reply to this forum with a 2 paragraphs. In the first, descripe the topics we have covered so far that you are weak on, have an incomplete understanding, or would like some extra help with. In the second paragraph describe the topics that you would be able to help other student with, or would be prepared to practice with students with other students in the class with less knowledge. You should make your entry before Monday. Read the entries from other students. We will have a help session on Monday, and you will have a chance to both get and give help. We will come with sample test questions you can work on.
21231 year 51 weeks ago
by trojef13