1Ch 8 Integration by partsCh 19 Electric forces
2Ch 8 Trigonometric integralsCh 19 Electric fields
3Ch 8 Partial Fractions and l’Hopital ruleCh 20 Electric Potential
4Ch 8 Improper integralsCh 20 Capacitance
5Ch 11.1-11.5 Dot and cross productCh 21.2, 21.5, 21.7,21.8 Resistance, Ohm’s law, resistors in series and parallel
6Ch 11.5-11.7 Lines, planes and surfacesCh 21.8-21.9 Kirchhoff’s rules and RC circuits
7Ch 13.1-13.5 Functions of several variablesCh 13 Mechanical waves
8Ch 13.6-13.9 Tangents, normal, extrema and applicationsCh 13 Sound waves and the Doppler effect
9Ch 14 Multiple integrationCh 14 Superposition and standing waves
10Ch 14 Multiple integrationCh 14 Superposition and standing waves
11Evaluation week 
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