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May 31: week 10. Calculus exam: functions of several variables (Monday a.m.) and Physics exam: mechanical waves, superposition and standing waves (Tuesday a.m.)

May 27: Homework week 9, Calculus, page 958, #7,9,11,21,23,25, page 964, #3.

Physics, pages 454-456, #19,29,30,37,39. 

Science Carnival webpage: http://academic.evergreen.edu/events/sciencecarnival/ [1]

Check the schedule,correct title and names of participants, correct room. If you are presenting, use technical terms (not slang), check grammar spelling, names and calculations. Test your equipment before friday.

May 21: Homework week 8, Calculus, page 921, #3,5,6,14, page 929, #7,9,10,39,41. Physics, pages 428-430, #33,37,39,59.

19: LIGO NW lab webpage   http://www.ligo-wa.caltech.edu/ [2]

 May14: If you are going to Portland, Friday morning, let's meet at the circle at 6 a.m.

Homework week 7: Physics, page 426, # 4,7,9,10,11. Calculus, pages 912-913, # 19,21,36,39,53,58,61,63

May 12: The (draft) program for the Northwest Section APS meeting is available:

http://www.lclark.edu/~olsen/NWAPS2008/ProgramPDF.pdf [3]

Krishna's talk is on Saturday afternoon, at 3:24. 

May 7: Starting on monday, we will have physics in the morning, and calculus in the afternoon. We will try to finish chapter 11 (vectors) and chapter 21 ( RC circuits).

Homework week 6:

Physics: page 719, # 34,35,38,39. Calculus: page 797, #41,44,45,46, pages 805-807, #7,8,47,48,49.

May 2: Next friday a.m., May 9th, we will have 2 exams. Calculus: Improper integrals, vectors. Physics: resistors and capacitors.

April 30: For the lab May 2nd (week 5), we will explore several circuits that involve batteries, capacitors, resistors, transformers. Each circuit board comes with a booklet, explaining the objectives, and showing the diagrams you will construct. Try to be in the CAL on time. As soon as you arrive, you can take a booklet, and start reading the assigned circuits. Try to be efficient with your time. Try different things. Explore!

April 30: Homework week 5:

Physics: pages 717-721, #23,53,55. Calculus: pages 787-788, #15,17,37,38,47,48, page 796 #10,16

April 28: Do not forget: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tuesday, April 29, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. at College recreation center (CRC)

The deadline to register for the APS NW meeting in Portland is Wednesday 30th. It is free for students. Link is http://www.lclark.edu/dept/physics/apshome.html

22: Do not forget to have Science carnival form ready by friday morning.

Homework week 4: Physics, pages 676-678, # 23, 31, 32, 43. Calculus, page 585, # 33,35,37,39,41,43,45.

Answers homework and workshop attached.

April 15: Homework week 3:

Physics: Page 638, #30,31. Page 674-675, #3,5,7.

Calculus: Page 574, #11,13,15,16,33,35,43,45,53.

April 14: Tuesday week 3, LH2: Physics lecture a.m. and physics exam p.m.

We do not have lab this friday 18th, but you still have to bring to Peter and Mario a written proposal, with a description of your project for the science carnival, equipment and supplies needed. You cannot continue without approval from us. If your experiment/project/demo has already been developed by someone else, bring the references, lab protocols or other important info.

April 9: Mondays a.m., class in the CAL.

Electrochemistry lab procedures attached.

Homework week 2. Calculus: page 540 # 5,17,19,21, page 559 # 1,3,5,7,17,

Physics: pages 635-637 # 4,14,15,27

Answer workshops week 2 attached.

April 7: Monday mornings we will be meeting at the CAL West, starting April, 14th.

Week 3, Exams: Calculus (monday p.m.), Physics (tuesday p.m.)

April2: Lab procedures for friday week 1, attached @ Homework link.

Answer workshops week 1 posted @ Homework link

April 1: Homework week 1:

Physics: pages635-639, # 6,12,13,53. For problem 12, "magnitude" means a positive or a negative value.

Calculus: pages 531-532, # 51,55,57,61,63

March 26:

Dear friends,

I hope you are having a good spring break. Next Monday, we start the 3rd quarter of the program. The schedule will be the same as the previous 2 quarters: lectures and workshops on Monday and Tuesday, and labs on Friday morning.

There has been a small change in the classrooms. Monday mornings we will have class in the library building (LIB 1540, below the library). To reach this room, enter through the main entrance to the library, go downstairs, and walk towards the end of the corridor. If you have never been in this area, try to arrive a few minutes early the first day of class, since there is a lot of construction happening in the building. Monday afternoons, we have class in the usual place (SEM 2 B 1105); Tuesday, we have class/workshop in LH2 (rotunda); Friday, we have lab in the CAL.

This quarter we will start studying electromagnetism (EM), chapters 19, 20 and 21, and integration techniques, chapter 8. Try to read some of these sections before Monday.

Also, start thinking about your project for the science carnival. You can work alone or with one partner. You can do research, a presentation of a lab technique, a demonstration or you can build “something”. Think about supplies or equipment you might need.

Monday May 26th is a holiday (President’s day.)

The annual meeting of the American Physics Society, Northwest section) will be in Portland, OR on May 16-17. Check the webpage: http://www.lclark.edu/dept/physics/apshome.html [4]

We need to start thinking about the logistics of the trip (food, transportation, etc.). If you have any ideas, let’s talk about it during the first week of class.

See you on Monday, Mario

March 6: Exams week 10: Physics Monday a.m.,

Calculus Tuesday a.m.

Answers workshops week 9 posted.

March 5: Homework: Physics, pages 489-492, # 43, 50, 59, 61, 63. Calculus, page 513, # 21 (a) and (b), 22 (a) and (c), 23 (a) and (b), 28. It is easier to solve problem 28 using the disk method. If you want to solve it using the shell method, use the table of integrals in appendix B, number 89, and compare results.

March 1: On March 4th, we will meet with Dr. Neal Hurlburt, TESC alum and successful solar physicist at Lockheed Martin. He invited us to join him for a casual lunchtime meeting from 12:00 to 1:00 in 2242 Lab II. He'll talk about doing physics in the real world after studying at Evergreen. Since we are meeting during lunch, we will finish class one hour earlier.

answers to the homework.

Calculus: 6) 374.4 lb, 8) 332.8 lb, 10) 748.8 lb, 16) 3376.8 lb
Physics: 30) 106.1 cm/s, 424.4 cm/s, 31) 12.8 liters, 32) 31.56 m/s, 34) 17.72 m/s and 1.73 mm

Feb 28: Lab procedure posted

Feb 27: Homework calculus, page 511, # 6, 8, 10, 16. Homework Physics, page 488, # 30, 31, 32, 34.

Feb 21: Next Tuesday, Feb 26, we will have 2 short exams. Calculus a.m (Differential equations), Physics p.m. (Lenses and mirrors).

Feb 20:Full moon and total lunar eclipse this evening.

Feb 20: Homework calculus, pages 483-484, # 7, 8, 43, page 514, #33,34. Use substitution for problem 33.

Homework physics, pages 485-487, # 11, 15, 21, 23. To solve #21, see example 15.3

Feb 13: Lab procedures posted in homework link (protocoltelescope2008)

Homework calculus, page 442, # 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 55.

Homework physics, pages 892-896, # 16, 37, 58.

Answer to exams posted.

Telescopes webpage: http://amazing-space.stsci.edu/resources/explorations/groundup/ [5]

Feb 11: Optics simulation http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnujava/index.php?topic=48 [6]

Feb 6: Homework calculus, page 429, # 13,14,15,16,18,20,21,22

Homework physics, page 892, #12,13,14,15,17

Jan 31: Friday 9 a.m., Physics lab: Terminal velocity.

Jan 30: homework calc, exp/log (ch 5), Pages 399, # 17-22, 39-44, 49, 50

homework phys, optics (ch 25 and 26), Page 860 # 11,12, 17,18,19,29

Jan 24: answer homework week 2 and workshop problems week 3, attached at bottom of homework link

Jan 23: Lab for Friday the 25th has been cancelled. Sorry. I will see you on Monday. I still will be in LH2 Thursday a.m.

Jan 23: Physics homework, page 393, # 8, 9, 11, 12.

Calculus homework, page 304-305, # 19, 23, 25, 29, 63, 65, 69, 75, 79.

Jan 18: Answer calculus and physics exams posted.

Jan 16: Answer workshop problems week 2, attached at bottom of Homework link

Jan 15: Physics Homework, pages 182-183, # 10, 11, 13, 17.

Calculus Homework, pages 224-225, # 20, 29, 39, pg 233, # 9, 11.

For physics lecture, read sections 6.4 and 12.2. For calculus: integration by substitution and intro to log/exp functions.

Exams on friday 9 a.m. @ CAL

Jan 10: lab procedures attached @ bottom of homework link

Jan 9: answers to workshops posted @ bottom of homework link

Jan 8: Homework is posted (due Tuesday a.m.). Remember to check frequently the Home, Homework and Schedule links.

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to Models of Motion. I hope you enjoyed your vacations, and had the opportunity to rest and recharge the batteries. In winter and spring quarters, our focus will primarily be on physics and calculus, with the goal of completing a full year of university-level physics and calculus by the end of the year. Through our study of physics, we will continue learning about models of motion and change and the process for constructing them. We will also learn how to use calculus to analyze these models mathematically. During spring quarter, students will have the opportunity to design and carry out laboratory or computer investigations of topics in physics that interest them.

You might remember that in fall quarter, we skipped some sections of the textbooks and only touched briefly on some topics. We decided on that approach, thinking about the students who were not continuing in the program after a quarter. We wanted to give them, at least, a good general picture of an entire topic: energy.

In the next two weeks, I intend to go back, and cover those important sections that we skipped in the fall. In calculus, we will cover implicit differentiation (Section 2.5), related rates (2.6), limits at infinity (3.5), optimization problems (3.7), Newton’s method (3.8) and differentials (3.9). Please, read Section 3.6 (Summary of curve sketching) during the first week of class. Then, after the third week, we will continue with integration by substitution (4.5), logarithmic and exponential functions (chapter 5), differential equations (chapter 6), plus applications of integration (volumes, arc length, work, fluid pressure and force) in combination with the physics textbook.

In physics, during the first two weeks, I intend to cover applications of Newton’s laws: friction (Section 5.1), circular motion (5.2), resistive forces (5.4) and work done by a spring (6.4). Afterwards, we will study optics and optical instruments (chapters 25 and 26) and fluid mechanics (chapter 15).

I reserved the same classrooms we used fall quarter, but that doesn’t mean we have to meet the same number of hours than we did before. We will have two lectures on Monday and two lectures on Tuesday, each followed by a one-hour workshop. Labs will be on Friday morning in the CAL and the laboratory next to the CAL. We will have homework assignments and short exams every week. This will allow me to evaluate your weekly progress, and decide if we need more practice of a particular topic.

Enjoy your last weekend of vacation, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, January the 7th, at 9:00 a.m. in SEM 2 B 1105.

Mario Gadea-Rivas

Sem 2 B 3121, phone 867-6548

11/27 Mario: the link to self evaluations and evaluations of faculty is http://www.evergreen.edu/evaluations/studentselfevaluation.htm [7]

11/23 Mario: Final exam Physics, Thursday 29th, at 1 p.m. <---CHANGE

11/20 Ab: There is an error in a line of code on the Gravity/Classes program you are doing: The website has:

ivelocities = 0,0,0],[.1,0,0],[0,.1,0],[-.1,0,0 [7]
Our web program will not allow for correct representation of this, so I cannot show you directly what to change it to, but you will need 2 open braces at the front, and 2 ending ones at the rear.. A list of lists with 4 total entries.

another piece of help: One of your fixes is to set the velocity in the class. This line should be:

self.velocity = vector(vel[0],vel[1],vel[2])

Or use Jessica's discovery: self.velocity=vector(vel)

Remember, there is no pos variable in the class planet. If you want the position it is tied to the view attribute. Use plist[x].view.pos

11/19 Mario: The answer key to the Calculus exam is already posted.

11/17 Ab: Check the week 9 and 10 Schedule. I have included a practice sample competency test so you can practice for the Tuesday exam. This is priority 1 if you have any of the 4 competencies you need to redo. A few of you have all the programs checked off. If you do not have an email from me with all the programs checked, I will have you run them for me on the Lab of the last week. You will not be penalized, and if you want to improve your score, you can show me your latest or corrected version and I will upgrade your score. I feel very bad about the problems creating this situation, but we must solve it now. Please use your extra time to get help if you still have a problem with one of the programs. I have included some help for you with the Mastermind program: in particular some code that will give you the feedback given 2 codes as parameters. If you are stumped, use this code, but make sure you comment where you got the code from. If you have your own code, even better. Make sure you come prepared with Astrophysics, Fusion, or other questions for Seminar this week.

11/15 Ab: If you would like additional information about classes in Python, check this website out: www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/alan.gauld/tutclass.htm [8]

11/5 Mario: Physics lab procedure attached at the bottom of the Schedule link (as word or pdf). Print and read before lab tomorrow 9 a.m. (All students have lab)

11/15 Ab: Check the Seminar link of week 8 to prepare for the Seminar Monday. You will need to look at several websites and prepare some questions.

11/14 Ab: I have been having great problems running some of the code sent to me, due to errors in the programs, indenting or return problems, file problems, and my own computer problems. Please make sure you have a portfolio of your programs (do not delete them), and If I cannot get them running correctly, I will have you demo them for me on the last week of class. Since you can run the programs, you know if they work and what does not work, but I do not. You will run them for me and show me what they can do if I cannot get them to work for me first. Again, you will not lose any credit as long as you can demo a working program to me.

11/13 Mario: Everybody (groups A and B) has physics lab on friday, week 8, at 9 a.m. Physics and calculus homework due monday week 9, before the calculus exam (9 a.m.) <---Correction

11/8 Ab: For Seminar this week we will be helping you settle on a VPython individual programming project. Come with ideas you would like to try. Mario will talk physics and I will talk VPython. Try to think of levels.. where you want to end up and a number of progress points along the way. We will have our last program involving gravity and classes in Lab this week.

11/7 Ab: I will be grading your programs on Monday at school, due the the faster internet, so if you need a couple of extra days to finish up your programs, you have them. Send them in one email to me by Monday at 4 and you are good to go. I will be online most of today for questions. I will add a forum for student questions as well. If you are done, see if you can help a fellow student in this forum with a question or 2. Email me also with questions. Read Ch 10 and 12 carefully for next week, and run the example programs. We will be applying classes to a gravity program for you next and last program, along with Mastermind and your Individual Project, which could be an extension of an existing program or the Classes/Gravity program. I will be online periodically the next few days and over the weekend, so if you need help, try me there. Good Luck with your programs! Ask Questions!

11/5 Ab: Please have all the programs, including Target, Arrays, and Collisions, emailed to me by Friday of this week. I have sent you an email of all the programs I have recorded. If you did not recieve this email, please see me right away. I would like you to include all programs you do not have checked off in a single email, sent to abvemodmo7@hotmail.com [9]. Title the subject: Programs for "your name" Put several spaces between the codes, and include a #name and #program name for each program. Make sure indents are correct. I will run each program and reply to your email with the results. You will not need to turn in your progress on Mastermind this week. Make sure you are completely caught up with your other programs. Again, they are: form letter, change, craps, craps2, array, car, target, and collisions. We will proceed with Classes and Gravity next week. Your individual project could be an extension of this, or another topic of your choosing.

10/31 Mario: Prepare for Seminar on monday, week 7. Check the Seminar link.

10/27 Mario: Answer key to calculus and physics homework week 4 attached at bottom of Homework link.

10/26 Ab: Please check the Homework link on the right for week 5. You should clearly see what is expected and what is a 'challenge' for both assigned programs. If you are not clear, see me on Monday, or email me. We will be writing in groups the Mastermind program next week. Jeff L, and Martin have sent me some work on this already. If you have some significant progress on Mastermind already, please let me know before monday. You will be working in groups of 3, so please think about who you would like to work with to program Mastermind. We will write some of it together in class. We will review priorities and past assignments on Monday, so come with questions then.

10/25 Ab: I will be more specific on what is expected and what is a 'challenge' in future programming assignments. Some folks really went to town on the Graphics part of craps, and got into the swamps. If you are still hung up on Craps2 or Target, see me ASAP, but begin to work on the assignments for next week: Arrays and Collision. The expectations for these 2 programs should be clear. The last part of Arrays, implementing a Binary Search is a Challenge, as it implementing a harder sort than the insertion sort we talked about in class. When you read Ch 11, you can skim over the parts covering Objects, which is really pages 253 to the end of the chapter. We will be designing Mastermind next week, so if you have been working on it, let me know before then, and show me your progress.

10/25 Mario: Lab procedure friday week 5 and 6, attached at the bottom of Schedule link.

10/24 Ab: Check the Seminar link for details on next weeks help session. Make sure you see me when you are ready for another test for reading or writing code. 7 or lower should retest. The Visual Python lab for this week should implement only the 1 dimension collision. Try the 2d if you can, but there are a couple of gliches we are trying to solve in the algorithm on the week 5 CS lab page.

10/23 Mario: Seminar week 7 (Nov 5th), our discussion will cover the first 4 chapters of the Copernican Revolution. Second half later.

10/22 Mario: Physics exam, thursday 25th, 1 p.m. LH 2

10/22 Mario: Monday, the 29th, instead of a seminar discussion we will have a Calculus/Physics Workshop, where we will work in small groups solving problems.

10/22 Mario: On tuesday, the 23rd, we will have Comp Science lecture at 1 p.m., and Physics lecture at 2:30 p.m.

10/21 Mario: Answer key to calculus exam attached at the bottom of Homework link

10/20 Mario: Answer key to physics homework week 3 attached at the bottom of Homework link

10/17 Mario: Read Seminar week 5

10/17: Make sure you are practicing Reading and Writing code. Thursday will be the last inclass opportunity to ask questions. The test Monday will have 2 questions: One reading and one writing. I will be online today from 1:30-4 or so, and periodically in the evening. I will be in my office (Lab 1, 1006) from 5-8pm on Monday also. Remember to tap on my window if the door is locked. My window faces our lecture classroom.

10/15 Ab: We will have a Read Code/Write Code exam on Monday, Oct 22, at 10:30. Make sure you practice**10.

10/14 I will be in my office, Lab1, room 1006, from 4pm to 8pm on Monday. If you need help on Craps or the Car program, that would be a good time to get help. I am also online periodically on IM, so check there too. Finally, Drew is looking at the Change programs and will be emailing you feedback as well as trying to find times to get some tutoring hours. Use him. Finally, please do not use the class email group for anything but class related content. Make sure you have your research and forum entry in for Seminar before 1pm Monday.

10/12 Mario: Thursday, 1 p.m., Calculus exam

10/10 Ab: I will be online tonight using IM if you have question or problems with the Change program or need help getting started on the Car/Craps/Mastermind/or projectile programs. Make sure you have all assignments into MASU dropbox by this thursday. Only one mastermind algorithm per group. Include all group members in your Word doc.

10/10 Mario: The document lab2physics.doc is attached at the very bottom of the schedule page. Read it before lab on friday.

10/5 Ab: I have updated the homework page for week 2. There are 3 folders in MASU, Change, Projectile, and Mastermind. Put each assignment in the appropriate folder. Only one entry per group for Mastermind, and send it as a word document with your group members on it. The other 2 should be Python IDLE programs. Include your name, email, and assignment in comments (#) Here is a website I found recently involving some math talent to figure out. See if you discover how it works: http://www.learnenglish.org.uk/games/magic-gopher-central.swf [10] Make sure you read chapter 7 before Monday. Also, if you have not installed MSN Instant Messenger and added the emails on the list to your contacts, please do so right away.

10/4 Mario: For Seminar, Monday week 3, we will discuss the life and works of Fibonacci. In preparation for our discussion, research, write and submit a one-page essay (max 2) about his life and times, his works, contributions to number theory, mathematics and science. He is famous for the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio and "the rabbit problem", but that is just a small portion of his work. List -and be prepared to explain- five (5) "places" where the golden ratio appears: in nature, architecture, number theory, etc. The challenge is to list the least popular examples. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of webpages dedicated to this problem. There are also many books in the library with references to his work. Do not choose the first most popular hits. Do not cut-and-paste. Describe the problems in your own words. We will compare your list with the lists of the other students.

10/3 Ab: I have had some trouble logging in to my hotmail account from home. If you need me quick, use the vanetta@evergreen.edu [11] email. Only about a dozen of you have added me to your contact list in Instant Messenger. I would like to have some online help sessions soon. Please add me and everyone else to your IM contact list. Remember to review your notes and book questions for Thursday's class.

10/3 Mario: Rejoice! The calculus books have arrived.

10/2 Mario: I attached the physics lab procedures for friday morning (group B, 9 a.m. at the CAL) at the very bottom of the schedule page, under the name lab1.doc

10/1 Ab: Remember to turn in your Form Letter program in Lab this week. We will try to go paperless next time. Remember to get together with your group working on Mastermind. Turn in a set of directions to play Mastermind next time in Lab. Only teach how to play, not the rules of the game. Just how to pick the next guess. When you do, see if you can make easier or more efficient instructions.

9/26 Ab: A reminder.. If you were in Section 1, you are invited to come to the ACC around 10 tomorrow if you would like to see a working projectile program being developed. We have hopefully fixed the autoscaling issue.

9/26 Mario: I attached the physics lab procedures for friday morning (group A at the CAL) at the very bottom of the schedule page, under the name lab1.doc

9/25 Mario: Tasha Glen (Calculus/Physics tutoring) tashaglen@gmail.com [12] 3 p.m. on Monday and 1 p.m. on Wednesday

9/24 Ab: Drew Vance will be available to help you with Python programming from 1pm to 2pm in the ACC on Wednesdays. He may stay until 3 if needed. Use the resource if you need it. Don't forget to add your info to the About Me Forum, include your email, and reply to at least 4. If you have trouble installing Python or VPython let me know in class tomorrow.

Welcome to Models of Motion for Fall Quarter, 2007
Check this home page often each week. We will Post news and items of interest here throughout the quarter.

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