Anna Moschovakis: Evergreen Reading Series

Anna Moschovakis reads from "The Blue Book." Consonants and parallel phrasing lend certainty, distinction, detail, to the progression of thought/philosophy. Her style is both personal and pedantic. Sex is non-ironic: "intimacy is only possible because people are different." Apparition and decision, definition. Anna's poetry is like chain mail, like a chain link fence, a checkered floor: geometric progression of interlinked ideas, progressive repetition: beach/bar, ironic perception, intersection: axes of sex and friendship make "I love you" non-problematic. Ideas take shape. 

Anna writes poetry in conversation with older, self-satisfied books. She writes in conversation with the cutting edge. She writes "The Human Machine: Thirty Chances." (1) You stopped, then you resumed. (3) Inventors, Alan Turing, "this is the language." Tests. Internet. Chatbot. Tags. (6) Repetition and halting rhythm. (7) Alan. Anal. (8) those... (9) "An error a string of errors." (10) "of simple, obvious things" (11) Anna. 

Inventors drunk on failure have nothing to lose. Rationalization progresses (digresses) to Rat. "Human nature has changed since yesterday." 

This is the language of simple, obvious things. 

Anna's reading is very understated. Powerfully, profoundly, she matter-of-factly offers us communication dissected, technology integrated, humanity in the whole.

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