Scout Niblett

    I went to see Scout Niblett in concert at the Europa Night club. Two bands opened the show. The first band was The Art of Shooting. Their musical style was a shoegaze-esque sort of progressive rock. While seeing them perform, I was instantly reminded of My Bloody Valentine. They put on a great show despite the usual lack of movement associated with shoegaze bands. It was hard to understand their lyrics, but that is a common problem with loud music, but the sounds they made with their mouths meshed very well with the instruments.
    The next band up was the Holy Sons. For half the set, the band consisted of on man on stage with his guitar. His sound was like a yipping country singer trying to be Jack Johnson. He made some style choices I did not find appealing and that detracted from the subdued and comfortable tone of his music. His lyrics were played out and cheap. Besides these flaws the music was only decent and definitely not worth calling home about. His drummer came on halfway through his set and supported the limping singer, improving the act significantly.
    Scout Niblett came on stage last. Her work is similar to that of Cat Power, but with a rock n roll twist on it. Sometimes she slowed down the pace of her music for more ballad-like pieces and used distortion very effectively to create powerful moments in her songs. Her songs had a tendency to carry on in a slow dream-like shimmer and then smash your head wide open in a storm of distortion and volume. Scout and her drummer put on a great show.

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