Spring Evergreen Guest Artist Series • Week 2

[Highy recommended. Sarah Jane is an animator who makes smart, interesting work. We were in grad school together in Chicago in the late-1990s at the School of the Art Institute.]

Sarah Jane Lapp      Tuesday, April 7, 4:00, Lecture Hall I

Sarah Jane Lapp is is a 36-year-old Seattle-based Renaissance woman, visual artist and filmmaker (Chronicles of an Asthmatic Stripper), who typically takes on abstract and cerebral subjects in her finely rendered hand-drawn "experimental animations."  Her new 24-minute short, Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist, narrated by a eulogist in training, is about a dying professional eulogist's search for a protégé to inherit the glorious burden of his profession. The semi-fictional film, which Lapp describes as a "documation," uses the imagined figure of the professional eulogist to explore the function of memory, place, and social nostalgia in our religious imaginations.

Sarah Jane Lapp will screen this and other films.  Her appearance is courtesy of Artist Trust.  (Artist biography is courtesy of Anne Lewis, The Austin Chronicle.)