Week 3

Both lab group A and lab group B are having lab this week (no EJ workshop this week).

Please read the attached protocol to be prepared for lab. You will work in pairs.

Attached are also additional files for each stain.

exposure pathway dermal.pdf227.41 KB
Mendrala 2005.pdf203.79 KB
Richards_CH08x.ppt1.26 MB
Lab 2 Cell staining Mito cytoskeleton.doc51.5 KB
DAPI mp01306.pdf143.26 KB
Mitotracker protocol mp07510.pdf210.78 KB
Phallotoxins mp00354.pdf124.26 KB
Cheri Notes Week 3.doc63 KB
Richards_CH07x.ppt5.3 MB
Stats basic probabilities intro.ppt770 KB
Stats random variables.ppt1.1 MB
Stats conditional probabilities.ppt290.5 KB