Week 9


See attached files below for Friday's lecture on interactions and toxicity of mixtures. See also the article of Johns 2006 posted in the folder of Fall Week 5.

Also attached are keys for several recent assingments.

Final project notice:

As mentioned in class on Tuesday, you are expected
to prepare and present a risk assessment paper, not just a "nice
review" of the literature you collected. This has been all along the
intention of the winter quarter project: to follow the process of a
risk assessment and synthesize all the components at the end in a
quantitative way. I wanted to repeat this in case it was lost at some
point along the way. You have followed a process that included the four
elements of RA:

1- hazard identification (this includes the type of toxicity that
your chosen chemical has, and mechanism of action to be more specific),

2- dose response (from either in vivo or in vitro or both) that
would help you get a RfD if none is available or an alternative RfD
(more protective presumably) that is the result of more recent
3- an exposure assessment, whether from urinary or blood biomarkers or
ambient exposure levels from contaminated media, and finally
risk characterization, where you are expected to come up with an
assessment of the risk that a selected population is likely to
experience. Here you should compare actual exposure to the reported (or
estimated from you) RfD if you are studying a non-carcinogen, or a risk
level for carcinogens, just like you did in previous class assignments
and in the midterm.

I also understand that some of you may not be ready to turn in a
good paper by Friday, so I am giving you the option of an extension
until Tuesday if this helps and if you need an extension. Remember that
your second seminar paper is also due on Tuesday.

As for the presentations, please prepare a power point presentation
with the key points of the project. You may designate a group member to
present or you may share the time among the team members. Each team has
40min total, including set up, presentation, and questions. You may
want to come in earlier to upload your presentations on the computer or
email them to me before 9am. We will use my computer on the first half
of Tuesday morning (the projector is working again in B1107) and the
podium computer in LH3 in the second half of the morning. I will
reserve a different room for the Tuesday afternoon presentations.

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