Week 8

Below are several articles that discuss issues of research involving communities and the extent of participation of the communities in the research studies.

Select a couple of articles to read in preparation for tomorrow's discussions on the relationships between scientists and communities.


Schell 1998.pdf1.75 MB
Savan 2003.pdf79.43 KB
Resnik 2007.pdf590.21 KB
Quandt 2001.pdf2.45 MB
Persky 2007.pdf415.76 KB
Parker 2003.pdf129.6 KB
Panikkar 2007.pdf146.47 KB
McCauley 2001.pdf2.48 MB
Leung 2004.pdf93.04 KB
Lambert 2006.pdf392.33 KB
Gouveia 2004.pdf508.52 KB
Fitzpatrick 2003.pdf307.24 KB
Feldman 1996.pdf2.36 MB
Drijver 1999.pdf418.88 KB
Wing 2008.pdf3.83 MB
Wakefield 2006.pdf387.82 KB
Williamson 2005.pdf1.78 MB
Spriggs 2004.pdf226.42 KB
Claudio 1998.pdf1.56 MB
Calnan comment on Leung 2004.pdf50.61 KB
Burger 2009.pdf222.39 KB
Buchanan 2006.pdf184.32 KB