Week 9

Here's a profile of our wandering tour of Olympia for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 26th:

9:30 Meet at Olympia Bus Terminal or Intercity Transit Ctr

222 State Ave. NE (corner of State and Washington)

Meet by Ticket counters

10 - noon We'll be stopping at several downtown spots of EH interest.

Cascade Pole, Olympia's own State Superfund Site

Eastbay Redevelopment Cleanup Site

City Hall Development Site

Artesian wells

LOTT (Lacey Olympia Tumwater Water Treatement Alliance)

noon - 12:45 ... Lunch.

Either bring a lunch or enough money for quick lunch downtown.

If it's not raining, we can gather at Sylvester Park (Washington and Legion).

1-2 Tour of Fertile Ground, Sustainable Community Ctr, Guesthouse & Garden

Fertile Ground is on 9th Ave. (right across from the Public Library and around the

corner from Media Island.) Gail Sullivan and Karen Nelson will be our hosts.

2-2:30.... depart for Evergreen or wherever else you need to be.

Important Information:

Please leave voicemail message at my office 867-6056 if you won't be coming.

Might be raining tomorrow, so you know what to do.

Please read attached
document re: citizen efforts to lobby the City of Olympia to develop
sustainability practices, with a focus on toxics and the precautionary

Map below for those in need.

And here are sites for any reading you can manage before tomorrow:

(especially the 2 ** on East Bay Redev)


www.lottonline.org (Lacy-Olympia-Tumwater water treatment alliance)


"Port prepares for cleanup and construction on East Bay land" **


(look at site diagram, historical operations, areas of concern, recognized environmental conditions **)

http://www.ci.olympia.wa.us City of Olympia

(2009 Drinking Water Report, other items of interest)


www.fertileground.org (especially Sustainable Community)

One more vital site:


Check out Consultation with ATSDR; Cascade Pole; East Bay Infrastructure.


And for those who love local history: www.olympiahistory.org 

www.theolympian.com (search on any of these -- artesian wells, Cascade Pole, etc)

And if you need a map of the area..................

Olympia, WA

Google Maps (maps.google.com)



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