How to Access Electronic Reserve

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In order to download the electronic reserve readings for
this class, you'll need to logon to the ARES system. First go to the Ares logon page at:

On the right side you'll see a box called "New to Ares?".
Click on "Create Account"

Use the same username and password you use on
my.evergreen. For your "status", choose
"undergraduate", for your "department" select "other". For "default class email
subscription" select "manual". At the
bottom of the form, select "create account", and that should set up your
account and send you back to the logon page.

You'll be able to use this Ares account for as long as
you're at Evergreen.

Once you are logged on, you'll get a screen that says
you're not registered for any class.
Don't panic. It just means you've
got to tell Ares that you're in "Into the Woods". To do that, click on the "Search Classes"
link on the left side. You can "search by instructor" and scroll down to "Joe
Tougas", or click on "search by class number" which takes you to "search by
class name", and find "into the woods".
Once you've selected that, you'll need to click on "Add Class" (it's got
a little green plus sign). Then, whenever you logon, you should see a list of
all the readings available to students in our program.