Week 3 selections from
"More Tree Talk" and "The Hidden Forest" were handed out in class as photocopies.

Week 2 short reading is on Electronic Reserve on the ARES system.

Week 1 downloads:

Outside Lies Magic, by John Stilgoe: Chapter 1; Chapter 6

Primary texts for the course (Most of these texts can be purchased through the TESC Bookstore—  

  • Final Forest (William Dietrich) (Note: You should buy this text on-line or locally right away so you can read it before the quarter starts)
  • Community and the Politics of Place (Daniel Kemmis)
  • The Natural History of Puget Sound (Arthur Kruckeberg),
  • This Fissured Land (Madav Gadgil & Ramachandra Guha) 
  • The Tao of Democracy (Tom Atlee)
  • Gorgias (Plato)
  • Native Peoples of the Olympic Peninsula (Jacilee Wray, Ed.)
  • Ecocities: Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature (Richard Register)

This page is also where you'll be able to find links to some of the short readings we'll be using in the class.  You'll then be able to download the readings.


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