Additional Reading

Organizers of this lecture series took the point of view, expressed by the 4th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that climate change is unequivocal and that it has anthropomorphic causes.  Students participating in the Modeling Climate Lecture and Seminar Series requested that we post “alternatives” to viewpoints presented by our lecturers.

References below were suggested by students and faculty, and include both alternative views and additional references.

At Gerardo Chin-Leo’s suggestion, we posted in Week 1 a link to this essay about the film An Inconvenient Truth, by Patrick Bedard, from CAR AND DRIVER MAGAZINE, September 2006:

Emma Marris.  Reflecting the PastNature, Vol 462, 5 November 2009, was recommended by our Week 2 speaker (Dominique Bachelet, Senior Climate Change Scientist, Conservation Biology Institute and Dept Biological and Ecological Engineering, Oregon State University) to Cheri Lucas Jennings, and illustrates that some actions we undertake in an attempt to abate the problems society faces with climate change actually exacerbate our dilemma.

For alternative views to some of the proposals being considered by our campus Clean Energy Committee (and in partial tribute to the alternate view that Richard Gammon was proposing, has it all.  We note that after a five year long underground battle, the City of Los Angeles chose no conversion technologies, instead embracing anerobic digestion (basically a large in-vessel composter).

The following links are thanks to Richard Weiss and Michael Odland, from the Mathematical Order of Nature Program.

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