Wk 1: An Inconvenient Truth

Special thanks to Master of Environmental Science Program Evergreen Faculty Gerardo Chin-Leo and John Perkins for their presentations helping us better understand the film.

Gerardo Chin-Leo Oceanographer at Evergreen spoke about ice core and marine measurement operations in the opening session (29 September 2009) when we saw “An Inconvenient Truth.” and he provided an extended chart comparing temperature variations, CO2 and CH4 (methane) levels to explain a little about the complexity of the data regarding temperature.  Gerardo talked about complexity of the data and of the prediction models and commented on levels of certainty associated with some statements about climate.  His slides are here.

 John Perkins biologist and history of technology scientists at Evergreen had pointed out how efficiencies, unfortunately, won’t be able to lower our national carbon footprint the 80% necessary, He addressed objectives to raise political awareness about Kyoto Protocol and upcoming Copenhagen and outlined the climate bills that are currently before the legislature as well as some security measures in place for nuclear. John discussed complexities and problems associated with the solutions offered and solutions that are currently possible but missing from the film, given its context in 2005.  John’s slides are here.

For another perspective, check out this article from Car and Driver.