Lecture Schedule

Lectures are held Tuesdays, 4-5:30, in LH1, on The Evergreen Campus.

  1. September 29. Film:  An Inconvenient Truth.   THIS WEEK ONLY, CLASS WILL START AT 2:30 pm.  The film will be followed by a faculty panel:  Gerardo Chin-Leo and John Perkins.
  2. October 6.  Curse of Knowledge and Sins of Omission: Modeling Global Change. Dominique Bachelet, Associate Professor, Biological and Ecological Engineering Department, Oregon State University.
  3. October 13.   A Simple but Mostly Elegant Kitchen Sink: Statistical & Process Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Natural and Human Systems.  Jeremy S. Littell, Research Scientist,  The Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment Team and Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, University of Washington.
  4. October 20.  The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change.  Richard H Gammon,  Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Oceanography, and Adjunct Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle.
  5. October 27.   Climate Change Policy:  Carbon Offsets (from forestry, agriculture, or waste sectors) and Cap and Trade.   Eli Levitt, Market Mechanisms Analyst, Washington Department of Ecology.  The Western Climate Initiative.
  6. November 3. Projection of future climate: Methods, Limitations, and Challenges Philip B. Duffy (Applied Physics), Director, University of California Institute for Research on Climate Change and its Societal Impacts and Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA.
  7. November 10.  Climate Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems: from the globe to the cell and back.  Bruce A. Hungate.  Associate Professor (Ecosystem Ecology), Dept. of Biological Sciences,  Northern Arizona State Univ.  Flagstaff, AZ.
  8. November 17.  Agent-based, value-driven models to help managers make decisions affecting tradeoffs among multiple ecosystem services in complex landscapes, and to explore the consequences of land use decisions in the face of climate change.  John Bolte, Associate Professor and Head, Bioengineering Department, Orgon State University.   See also the Envision Andrews Project.
  9. December 1.  TBA
  10. December 9.  Week 10 – No Lecture.  Student Presentations and exams in their respective programs will happen this week.  Students taking this lecture series for 2 credits:  your final essay is due (at 4pm Tuesday, via email to your respective faculty) .
  11. December 14-18 (Evaluation Week).

Other important Dates:

  1. Sat, Oct 24 his an international day of climate action http://www.350.org/en.
  2. November 24.  Thanksgiving Week.   No Classes, No Lecture

Curse of Knowledge and Sins of Omission

Modeling Global Change