Russia and Eurasia: Empires and Enduring Legacies
Fall, Winter, Spring, 2008-2009


Students must complete all of the assignments below in order to receive course credit and a course evaluation.

  1. A 1-3-page research prospectus including a preliminary bibliography consisting of at least five books and five articles that you think might be useful for your research. DUE: Friday, April 10
  2. An initial outline of your research project, to include a refined thesis and the overall structure that will govern your composition. Prove to us that you have a plan to explore your thesis in a methodical and logical manner. DUE: Friday, April 24.
  3. An initial but refined draft (minimum 7-10 pp.) of your research composition to date. DUE: Friday, May 15.
  4. Final draft of your research paper (15-20 pp.) DUE: Friday, May 29.
  5. Participation in group presentation of your research. DUE: Week 10.
  6. Bi-weekly text quizzes. Short quizzes for every assigned reading may be given in seminars and workshops to monitor your comprehension of the material.
  7. Participation in a group film review and one individual written film critique (2-3 pages, DUE no later than one week after film screening) based upon that particular film. All students will select one film per quarter to preview, introduce it to the class, and lead small group discussions after the film.
    Film List
  8. One official TESC student self-evaluation. DUE: in spring term portfolio, May 29.
  9. One official TESC seminar faculty evaluation. DUE: During your eval conference.
  10. A comprehensive COURSE PORTFOLIO that will include all of the above items plus any additional material that might speak of your learning process for the quarter. DON’T LOSE OR THROW ANYTHING AWAY! DUE: Friday, May 29, 4 p.m.

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