Russia and Eurasia: Empires and Enduring Legacies
Fall, Winter, Spring, 2008-2009

Program Schedule

Week 1 – Wars, Revolutions, and Revolutionaries

Tues 3/30 Lecture: War, Revolutions, and Explaining Ali and Nino
3/30 Seminar: The State and Revolution
Hosking, chapter 10 (pp. 386-426)
Thu 4/2 Film and Discussion: Agoniia (Rasputin) 143 min
Fri 4/3 Lecture: The First Two Decades: "Silver Age" Poetry & Stravinsky's
"Rite of Spring" (video)
4/3 Seminar: Ali and Nino

Week 2 –The Crucible of Utopia

Tues 4/7 Lecture: Literature and Poster Art of the 1920s: Before the Curtain Fell
4/7 Seminar: We
Thur 4/9 Film and Discussion: Reds (195 min.)
Fri 4/10 Lecture: Revolutions and Civil War
4/10 Seminar: “Stalin: The Man and the Communist,” in Daniels, pp. 13-27
“The Baseline: Revolution and the NEP,” in Daniels, pp. 28-39
“The Formation of Stalinism,” in Daniels, pp. 40-58
Hosking: pp. 427-449
DUE: Prospectus and Bibliography
Week 3 – NEP: “Calm” before the Storm
Tues 4/14 Lecture: From Lenin to Stalin; 1921-28
4/14 Seminar: Cement
Thur 4/16 Film: Commissar (105 min.)
Fri 4/17 Lecture: Socialist Realism: The New Creed
4/17 Seminar: The Trial Begins and On Socialist Realism(one book)
“Industrialization and Class War,” in Daniels, pp. 67-79
“Revolution and the Family,” in Daniels, pp. 160-174

Week 4 – Into the Darkness: the USSR’s Stalin Era

Tues 4/21 Lecture: Stalin, Collectivization, and the Purges
4/21 Seminar: The Master and Margarita, Book 1
“The New Leadership Generation,” in Daniels, pp. 80-9
Hosking, pp. 449-469
Thur 4/23 Film & Discussion: Burnt by the Sun (134 min.)
3:00 – 8:00, TESC Campus
Fri 4/24 Lecture: Siberia and the Gulag (Elena Sonina and Irina Sharkova)
4/24 Seminar: The Master and Margarita, Book II
“The Cult of Personality,” in Daniels, pp. 196-208
“A New Peter the Great,” in Daniels, pp. 219-233
DUE: Research Paper Outline

Week 5 – Stalin’s pre-War Wagers

Tues 4/28 Lecture: Towards the Second World War; documentary film: The War of the Century
4/28 Seminar: Behind the Urals
Hosking, pp. 470-506
Thur 4/30 Film & Discussion: Come and See (137 min.)
Fri 5/1 Lecture: Who are we?: The Stalin Cult of Personality in Literature and Folklore and Wartime Literature's Evocation of Mother Russia
5/1 Seminar: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Week 6 – The USSR beyond Stalin

Tues 5/5 Lecture: De-Stalinization and the Khrushchev Reforms
5/5 Seminar: A Woman in Amber; Guest Speaker, Ainara Wilder
Hosking, pp. 509-540
Thur 5/7 Film & Discussion: documentary, Gulag 113; and film, The Cuckoo (103 min.)
Fri 5/8 Lecture: Prokofiev and Shostakovich: Song of the Revolution and Beyond
5/8 Seminar: Farewell to Matyora

Week 7 – Soviet “Stagnation”

Tues 5/12 Lecture: From Brezhnev to Gorbachev
5/12 Seminar: The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years
Hosking, pp. 541-568
Thur 5/14 Film & Discussion: Prisoner of the Mountains (99 min.)
Fri 5/15 Lecture: Who are we?: From the Bards of the 70s to the Rebirth of Popular
Interest in Russian Folklore
5/15 Seminar: A Week Like Any Other (all essays)
DUE: 7-10 pp. draft of Research Paper

Week 8 – Russia the Phoenix: The End of Empire and Beyond

Tues 5/19 Lecture: Life and Living in the late USSR and post-Soviet Russia (Elena Sonina)
5/19 Seminar: Omon Ra
Hosking, chapter 15 (pp. 569-613)
Thur 5/21 Film & Discussion: documentaries – Harvest of Despair (55 min.); The Singing
Revolution (97 min.)
Fri 5/22 Lecture: TBA (2 1 hr lectures)
5/22 Seminar: The Harvest of Sorrow (selected chapters)

Week 9 – Prep Week
(Russian language classes meet as usual--and film this week)

Tues 5/26 PrepTime: Finish research projects and prepare for final presentations.
(Russian language class and Cold War Workshop continue through end of term at usual times.)
Thur 5/28 Film & Discussion: The Island (112 min.)
Fri 5/29 Lecture: no lecture. Use as prep time for presentation.
Seminar: no seminar. Use as prep time for presentation.

DUE by 4:00 PM:
1) Final Draft (15-20 pp.) of Research Paper
2) Spring Term Course Portfolio
3) One copy of the student self-evaluation

Week 10 – Presenting Russia and the Empire
(Russian language classes continue to meet as usual)

Tues 6/2 Group presentations (afternoon location Sem 2, D1107)
Thur 6/4 Group presentations
Fri 6/5 Group presentations and course wrap-up

Week 11 – Evaluation Week (June 8-12) — Final Evaluation Conferences

Individual evaluation dates to be arranged

Please Note: one student self-evaluation and one evaluation of your spring seminar faculty are required in order to receive credit

1) Final copy of student self-evaluation

2) One faculty evaluation

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