NOTE: This schedule is subject to revision.

Numbers in parentheses after “seminar” indicate which group is responsible for response papers for that seminar.

Mon. 12-3 Tue. 1-5 Tue. 6-10 Thu. 12-5
3/29: Program introduction

Lecture: Origins of Greece and Rome (Tom)

3/30: Lecture: Greek Religion (Stephen)


Read: Kitto, ch’s 1 & 2

3/30: Lectures on Classical Mythology (recording) 4/1: Lecture: The Homeric Age (Tom)


Read: Odyssey, through Book VIII

4/5: Lecture: The Polis: Athens (Tom)

Read: Kitto, ch’s 3 & 4

4/6: Lecture: Presocratic Philosophy (Stephen)

Seminar (1)

Read: Odyssey, through Book XVI

4/6: Lectures on Classical Mythology (recording) 4/8: Lecture: The Polis: Sparta (Tom)

Seminar (2)

Read: Odyssey, to end

4/12: Lecture: Thucydides, Euripides, and the Peloponnesian War (Tom)Read: Kitto, Chs 5-7

Paper on Homer due

4/13: Lecture: Justice in the Republic (Stephen)

Seminar (2)

Read: Republic, Books I-IV

4/13: Film: Trojan Women 4/15: Lecture: The Rise of the Roman Republic (Tom)

Seminar (1)

Read: Sophocles, Antigone

4/19: Lecture: Alexander the Great and Hellenistic World (Tom)

Read: Kitto, Chs. 8-10

4/20: Lecture:  The Line, The Cave, and The Forms (Stephen)

Seminar (1)

Read: Republic, Books V-VII

4/20: Film: Rome, 1st season, episodes 1 and 12; 2nd season, episode 1 4/22: Workshop on Plato’s Forms

Seminar (2)

Read: Euripides, The Bacchae

4/26: Lecture: Roman Expansion and the Punic Wars (Tom)

Read: Kitto, Chs. 11-12

4/27: Lecture: Plato’s Project (Stephen)

Seminar (2)

Read: Republic, Books VIII-X

4/27: Film: Rome, 2nd season, episodes 2-4 4/29: Lecture: Rome Conquers Greece, Greece Conquers Rome (Tom)

Seminar (1)

Read: Aeneid, through Book VI

5/3: Lecture: The Roman Revolution from the Gracchi to Pompey (Tom)

Read: Starr, Chs. 1-3

Paper on Plato due.

5/4: Lecture: Aristotelian Philosophy (Stephen)

Seminar (1)

Read: Nicomachean Ethics, Book I through III, chapter 5

5/4: Film: Rome, 2nd season, episodes 5-7 5/6: Workshop on Aristotelian Virtue

Seminar (2)

Read: Aeneid, to end

5/10: Lecture: Caesar, Cicero and the Roman Revolution (Tom)

Read: Starr, Chs. 4-6


Special Event: Dr. Sarah Levin-Richardson, “Roman Desire,” Library 1412, 10 a.m.

Lecture: Aristotelian Virtue (Stephen)

Seminar (2)

Read: Nicomachean Ethics, Book III, chapter 6 through Book V

5/11: Rome, 2nd season, episodes 8-10 5/13: Lecture: The Final Civil Conflicts of the Roman Republic and the Augustan Settlement (Tom)

Seminar (1)

Read: Plutarch (Pompey, Sulla, Crassus)

5/17: Lecture: Roman Women, Slaves and Plebeans (Tom)

Read: Starr, Chs. 7-9

5/18: Lecture:Stoics and Epicureans (Stephen)

Seminar (1)

Read: Cicero, On Obligations Book I

5/18: Film: I Claudius, episodes V and VII 5/20: Lecture: Caesars and Pax Romana (Tom)

Seminar (2)

Read: Plutarch (Caesar, Cicero)

5/24: Lecture: The Era of the Good Emperors (Tom)

Read: Starr, Chs. 10-12

5/25: Lecture: Aurelius qua Philosopher (Stephen)

Seminar (2)

Read: Aurelius, Meditations Books I-VI


Film: I Claudius, episodes IX and X

5/27: Lecture: Rome and the Barbarians (Tom)

Seminar (1)

Read: Suetonius (Caesar, Augustus)

5/31 No Class 6/1: Lecture: The Legacy of Ancient Philosophy (Stephen)

Seminar (1 and 2)

Read: Aurelius, Meditations Books VII-XII

Paper on Roman virtue due — see REVISED Final Essay Assignment

6/1: Film: Gladiator Lecture: Diocletian, Constantine and Christianity (Tom) 6/3: Lecture: Decline of the Roman Empire? (Tom)

Seminar (0)

Read: Suetonius (Tiberius, Gaius (Caligula), Nero, Vespasian)

Critical Review of Gladiator due

Evaluation conferences will be held with your seminar faculty during evaluation week, June 7-11.

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