During the last 5 weeks of the quarter, students will work in a team of 3 or 4 persons to complete a project (2 credits) that integrates at least two aspects of the program.  For more information, see the Project Syllabus. In particular, the syllabus has some project ideas.

The most current project due dates are  on the program home page.  See UPDATED SCHEDULE FOR WEEKS 9-11.

Below are preliminary project due dates -  updated November 2 (from the Syllabus) and November 17 (to not conflict with quizes).

Project groups have now been set up on the DandI moodle .  You should upload project deliverables there.  All project deliverables are one-per-team/project (unless specified “individual”).

The documents below are available as reference for project deliverables;  please use these as templates for your work!

  1. Project Proposal Template
  2. Project Plan Template
  3. Project Meeting Minutes Handout
  4. Project Report Template
  5. Individual Project Report Template
  6. Peer Review.  For each member of your project team, please indicate (a) what is the most important contribution that person made to the project and (b) what one thing that person could have done to improve their project work.  Each of these should be 1-3 sentences.  You can simply append this to your Individual Project Report (and upload that single file to the moodle).
  7. Presentation Information

Week 6 Activities:  There will have some time during class meetings or labs for meeting with project teams or to talk with others about the term  project.  The project work for this week is to form into project groups and work on a project proposal  (due next week).  The topic should say what problem you aim to solve and how you intend to go about it.   You should also arrange and post project group meeting times. Due (Wednesday):  Read the Project Proposal Template and come to class Wednesday with questions!

Week 7 Activities:  Discuss and formulate project plan and topic references.  Each person is responsible for finding and annotating at least two relevant references; the annotation should say how a reference relates to the project. Revise (if necessary) project proposal.  Due  Wednesday 9am:  Project Proposal (one per group).

Before you upload your project proposal, Judy needs to set up your project group:  please email her with a project title, project pet (short) name, and list of team members, as soon as you know.

Week 8 Activities:  Continue work on project.  Discuss project status with faculty if you need advice.  Due  Thursday 9am:  Project plan and updated project proposal (if this has changed).  Due  Thursday 5pm:  at least one set of project meeting minutes for the week.

Week 9 Activities:  Discuss structure of project report and presentation.  Sign up for project presentation time.   Due  Wednesday 5pm:  Draft or outline of project presentation and report.  Due  Thursday 5pm:  project meeting notes.

Week 10 Activities:   Project presentations, Wed and Thurs — Everyone must attend all presentations!

Final Due:

  1. Project Presentation – Wednesday or Thursday, as scheduled for each project.
  2. Project reports – 9am Thursday (bring hard copy to class;  Upload electronic copy of report and presentation by 2pm)
  3. Project Self & Peer Evaluations – 9am Friday.  Individual Upload.
  4. Peer evaluations of other team’s presentations due immediately following each presentation session; a form will be provided for you.  Individual, hand in after each class session.  

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