The seminar part of this program (4 credits) consists of a lecture series and weekly seminar discussion.

  1. For lecture, and assigned weekly readings (in addition to below), Modeling Climate Lecture Series.
  2. For expectations and requirements, see Seminar Syllabus.
  3. For weekly reading and writing assignments, go to OurMoodle (opens in a NEW tab!).

Each week you will be asked to read sections for our two books and one or two papers recommended by our Tuesday speakers.  You will also be asked to keep all your writing in a seminar portfolio (due Week 6 and again Week 10).

Your Seminar Portfolio should include the following organized into a binder, with sections marked:

  • Hard copies of papers you’ve written (all weeks)
  • Peer reviews you received in class (should have 7 or 8)
  • Peer reviews you wrote in class (should have 5 or 6)
  • Hard copies of any seminar summaries you wrote and posted to the moodle
  • Hard copies of responses you wrote to others’ writing (just create a single text file that has these, copy-pasted from the moodle)

At midquarter, please include:

  • 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on what you’ve learned so far from the lectures, seminars, and readings.

Assigned reading from the texts:

Kuhn:  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

  • Week 2:  Preface, Parts I-IV
  • Week 3:  Parts V-VII
  • Week 4: Parts VIII-X
  • No Kuhn reading – due to midterms.
  • Week 6: Parts XI-XIII

Crosby:  The Measure of Reality

  • Week 7: Preface and Part I
  • Week 8: Parts II, III

In Week 8, we will likely read selections from Fortun and Bernstein:  Muddling Through: Pursuing Science and Truths in the 21st Century, plus the companion reading.

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