Required Text: Statistics, 4th edition by Freedman, Pisani, Purves

Understanding statistics is about thinking logically, often applying some
simple mathematical techniques.
The statistics theme for this program will be integrated with the case study and the project project.

The learning objectives for statistics are:

  1. to understand how to apply statistical concepts and methods to practical
    problems in order to interpret quantitative and qualitative data.

  2. to be able to critically examine a statistical experiment with respect
    to weaknesses in the design and analysis.

To earn credit in statistics, students are expected to:

  1. attend classes
  2. complete assigned reading
  3. complete weekly assignments and submit them on-time
  4. complete any quizzes and exams.

Students evaluations will be based on the quality of their work, and how well
they demonstrate that on assignments, quizzes and classroom discussion.

Syllabus and Homework

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