Bates, Stephen. The Day the TV Died. The Wilson Quarterly. 32 no2 29-32 spr 2008
This Article discusses the history of FCC standards battles. I used it for it analysis of the Armstrong case and CBS Color standards war.

Baughman, James L. Same Time, Same Station. John Hopkins University Press. Baltimore, MD 2007
I used Same time, Same station to get my initial idea of researching Sarnoff. I found his strategies and tactics in TV interesting. The more I looked into Sarnoff the more his character seemed fascinating. However, I found The General by Bilby to be a much better and easier resource on Sarnoff.

Bilby, Kenneth. The General: David Sarnoff and the Rise of the Communications Industry. Harper and Row. New York 1986
This book chronicles the life of David Sarnoff and gives an in-depth look at his experiences. This book did an excellent job of separating fact from fiction as well as have just and overflowing abundance of information.

Britannica Biographies. Sarnoff, David. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. 2008
A quick biography of Sarnoff, has many of the perpetuated myths taken as fact in it. Also a bit more insightful into his early life.

Bloomsbury Business Library. David Sarnoff Business Thinkers and Management Giants. Business Source Complete. 2007
Great quick reference, a few interesting parts about Armstrong. Utilizes Bilby’s The General quite often.

Burns, R. W. Television: an international history of the formative years. IET. p. 366. 1998.
I used this for supplementary information on Philo v. Sarnoff.

Edwardson, Mickie. James Lawrence Fly v. David Sarnoff: Blitzkrieg Over Television. Journalism History 25 no2 42-52 Summ 1999
A terrific source of information over the FCC standards battle in establishing television and the personal battle between Fly and Sarnoff.

Farnsworth, Elma G. Distant Vision: Romance & Discovery on an Invisible Frontier. Salt Lake City, Utah: Pemberley Kent Publishers, Inc. pp. 135-8.1989.
The story of Philo Farnsworth, and his dispute with RCA, Sarnoff and Zworykin.

Gerson, Bob. Bigger Wasn’t Better For RCAs First Color Television. This Week in Consumer Electronics; 6/20/2005, Vol. 20 Issue 13, p23-23, 1/2p
A funny story of RCA’s experimental color TV when they were competing with CBS.

Gomery, Douglas. A History of Broadcasting in the United States. Blackwell Publishing LTD. Malden, MA 2008
I used this for some information regarding Sarnoff and NBC, However later decided that my report was too broad to include much of the topic.
Hilmes, Michelle Editor. NBC America’s Network.University of California Press. London, England 2007
A great reference to the inner workings and drama occurring at NBC, RCA and with Sarnoff.

Kleinfeld, N.R. “David Sarnoff, 78, RCA Chairman, Dies,” New York Times. February 24, 1997.
Another Quick reference of Sarnoff, continues to perpetuate his legend.

Postman, Neil, “Philo Farnsworth”, The TIME 100: Scientists & Thinkers,, 1999-03-29, retrieved 2009-07-28.,9171,990620-3,00.html
Supplementary information on Farnsworth and the kinescope.

Sarnoff, David. The Fabulous Future: America in 1980. Time 1956. Reprinted E.P. Dutton & co., Inc. 1971
How Sarnoff saw the future to come. His insight into technology is apparent. He is also quite paranoid of the Cold War, but coincidentally made large amounts of money off of it.

Thomas, Robert JR. Vladimir Zworykin, Television Pioneer, Dies at 92. New York Times. August 1, 1982. 2008-04-27
Additional information on Zworykin and the Iconoscope.

A joyous Sarnoff

A joyous Sarnoff

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