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Following Guy: A Documentary

At the moment, I’m (Kamaria) working on editing Guy’s studio shoot, which I must say, had gone very smoothly and luckily, provided the documentary team with enough footage to play around with while editing. I’m doing my best to keep it short and simple, but I think this is a good step forward in achieving [...]


Here is the final crew call for this week’s first episode’s studio shoot!  Let us know if there needs to be any changes. 04/15 Thursday (AM) Victor D: Victor AD:  Belinda TD:  Loie FD:  Gus LIGHTING:  Jacob CAM1:  Greer CAM2:  Alexis CAM3:  Kamaria VTR: Steven 04/15 Thursday (PM) Guy D:  Guy AD:  Alexis TD:  Victor [...]

Edit Edit Edit

Mood: Content. Music: The Beatles – Please, Mr. Postman. Monday is officially the start of the documentary segment editing. We’re all fairly excited for it, and even though we’ve only shot footage, our minds have been cycling through various ideas for how it should be done. One idea was shooting the documentary that reflects the [...]

Title Sequence Animatic

Brian and Ashe just finished the animatic for the title sequence to hand off to Greer for soundtracking! Soon enough we’ll have the title sequence animation finished!

Casting Decisions… HOST

On Wednesday evening, we held auditions for the Host of our show.  It was a fun casting session inclusive of spur-of-the-moment commentary generating on pieces not previously seen (as good practice for what the host’s character will be doing).  We appreciate all who auditioned and agree that you all did a wonderful job.  However, we [...]

Episode 01 Studio Crew Calls!

Next week, The Laws will be in-studio next Thursday (04/15) & Friday (04/16) and we need your support. There are many positions in crew to be filled for both days.  On Thursday, there will be two productions, one in the AM (Victor), one in the PM (Guy), and on Friday, there will only be one [...]

Gettin’ a move-on.

Oh lookie, we have a blog for our production.  A lot still needs to be fixed.  Ew. However! Our lovely production schedule is up!  Upcoming meetings, updates on shoots, perspectives, and just anything that has to do with The Laws will be immortalized here.