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This program is designed for students who are thinking of graduate school, professional work in the visual arts, or arts education at any level, and who want to join a learning community of visual artists and art scholars who are interested in doing advanced work in drawing, painting, photography, new media, printmaking or sculpture.

Students will design their own projects, complete visual research and write papers appropriate to their topic, share their research through presentations, work intensively in the studio together, attend weekly seminars on shared readings, produce a significant thematic body of work, participate in demanding weekly critiques, and participate in the collective study of art history. The group will meet together weekly for student and faculty lectures on research topics, guest artist talks, critiques and field trips.

Faculty: Matt Hamon

office: SEM II A2108, or in the Art Annex studios

Phone: x5609



Office Hours:





Generally from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM by appointment.

Generally after 3:00 PM and by appointment.


By appointment after, 1:00 PM, and when not previously scheduled for governance.

Generally after 3:00 PM and by appointment.