These are the clients and participants:

C.E.L.L.- center for ecological learning and living/decision makers for farm
C.L.U.C.- campus land use committee/ok’s tree removal and campus projects
Board of Trustees- approves all campus budgets and process/ruling body of campus
Facilities- runs projects, operations, and maintenance on campus
D.E.A.P.- development of ecological agricultural practices/runs Demeter garden and permaculture projects
S.E.E.D.- students at Evergreen for ecological design/hosts various presentations to promote individual interests with the goal of building a strong learning community.
C.E.C.- Clean Energy Committee strives to promote clean energy technology by providing financial support for green energy projects that benefit the college, the local community, and the global environment.
Community Groups- Cooper Point Association
Tribes- Nisqually, Suquamish, Snoqualmie and others.
Agriculture Student Programs- PSA(practice of sustainable agriculture), Ecological Agriculture, Food Systems and some others.
Faculty/Staff/General Students

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  1.   Darbson 14 Nov 2009 at 6:13 pm 1

    So far, and please add to the list if I have missed anyone, the primary participants and stakeholders involved in the New Building for the TESC Organic Farm are:

    In General the students, faculty, and staff at TESC as well as community members involved in the community gardens and other local farmers.

    More specifically the CELL and CLUC student organizations and
    Practice of Sustainable Agriculture, Ecological Agriculture, and Food programs.

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