Faculty: Dylan Fischer.

Picture 085 I am a faculty member at The Evergreen State College where teach plant and forest ecology. My focus is on applied field science approaches. I believe in learning through doing, and for many of my classes, that means conducting hands-on field experiments and observations. Even when not in the field, I like to teach through “immersion” in the scientific process and ecological science literature.  Evergreen is an experimental college, and in keeping with this, I also try to have a new approach in every class. This means I get to try out many different ways of teaching.  It also means I have a variety of past experiences teaching a wide diversity of classes.  Some recent classes include, Field Ecology, Plant ecology and Physiology, Writing on the Wild Side, Temperate Rainforests, The Olympic Peninsula, Genes to Ecosystems, Educating on the Wild Side, and Introduction to Environmental Studies. Over the next two quarters I will be teaching Sustainable Forestry, and another new program called Plant Ecology Afield. Next year (2010-11) I will be teaching Field Ecology with Alison Styring (Ornithology faculty).

I also manage a small undergraduate field lab, the  field and ecosystem ecology lab. The lab has done some really fun work in diverse ecosystems, and we manage the evergreen ecological observation network (a network of permanent plots in the campus forest- eeon).

If you are curious about my own individual research, check out the lab page with links to my research on tree water use, effects of plant genetic variation on ecosystem function, carbon flux, and belowground ecology.


e-mail:   fischerd@evergreen.edu

Phone: 360 867 6509

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