Week 6 News


Finish INVENTION # 3 (bring 2-3 copies on Tuesday of Week 6)

Read Maps of the Imagination, Chapters 6, by TUESDAY of week 6.

In the STUDIO, we'll have the Knapping Demo on Tuesday.

Readings for Wednesday of Week 6 are up on the Moodle. It includes a brief bit on graphic design and the workshop handout for Wednesday:

ON WEDNESDAY, we'll meet at 9:30 in the MacLounge. We'll be doubling up on computers.

It will be extremely helpful if you've already read through the workshop (InDeisgn Intro) before class.

If you're really excited about InDesign, you might download the workshop now and see if you can work through some of it on your own in advance.

SEMINAR READING for Thursday is an essay by Octavio Paz, available NOW on the Moodle.