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These hostels provide usually safer and inexpensive alternative for men. They tend to have more access controls that the ones listed above. Many are related to religious organizations and are super clean and simple places that don’t require any religious affiliation or activities. Do some research!

KOLPING HOUSE (MEN)           www.kolping.org

165 East 88th St. New York, New York 10128 (Lexington& 3rd Ave)

Description:  All rooms share bathrooms. Residence has 88 units for ages 18-35 in non-sectarian, dorm style living arrangement. Rates include 5 meals per week (lunch or dinner) Mon.- Fri. Daily rates can be used fir a maximum of 4 nights only.    Requirements: $50 registration fee for one week of more.


99 Maserole Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Manhattan Ave & Lorimer St.)

Tel. (718)-389-3700

Description: All rooms share bathrooms. Accommodates 101 men. Maid service Mon-Fri., TV lounge, access to fitness center and pool available.  Requirements: $20 key deposit refundable upon departure, 28 day max. stay.


570 Jamaica Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11208

Tel. (718) 277-1600

Description: All rooms have shared bathrooms. 120 units. Maid service 6 days a week, access to fitness center, and pool available.    Requirements: $10 key deposit, max. 28 days stay

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